The Presidio’s Off The Grid Picnic San Francisco’s Most Delicious Sunday Funday

The Presidio’s Off The Grid Picnic San Francisco’s Most Delicious Sunday Funday

The Presidio’s Off The Grid Picnic is hands down the best Sunday Funday activity in San Francisco. Why? It’s easy with fabulous food, delicious wine & cocktails, amazing scenery and always a blast. What more could you want?

A few of the highlights of Off The Grid Dining are found below. Some of these restaurants you’ll recognize from previous posts I’ve shared and some are new……  Regardless, be sure to check out Off The Grid, I promise you’ll love it.

Off The Grid Presidio

A few details to know about OTG before going

Where is Sunday’s Off The Grid (OTG): Sunday’s OTG is located in the Presidio Park at the open grass area across from The Commissary Restaurant just North of the bowling alley.

Event Hours: Every Sunday starting at 11am – 4pm. After 4pm the restaurants have closed and most of the garbage/recycling cans have been removed. You’re welcome to stay and linger you just have to take your garbage out with you and know that there are not food or beverages still available for sale.

Is there parking? Yes there is parking, however, unless you arrive early (closer to 11am when it starts) it can be tough to get a spot so it’s sometimes easier to walk or just uber/cab it so you can get dropped off and picked up vs. dealing with parking

What’s the cost? It’s free admission. The only cost is if you buy food (which you’ll want to do) and if you buy and wine or alcohol (many people bring a picnic and b.y.o.b).

Picnic Essentials to pack:

Pack a blanket

Lawn chairs depending on how comfortable you want to be. I usually bring my crazy creek chairs which are great to hang out in and relax for a few hours.

Sunblock and a hat. It gets quite warm on a sunny day.

Wine/Beer and water (you can also buy this there) so whichever you prefer.

Where To Sit?

Family friendly: There are a few different areas within the large open green. The furthest southern point (closest to the bowling alley) is typically families and lots of kiddos. This is great for those with kids, less desirable for the more active fun social scene. 

Sunday Funday Scene: For those not wanting to hang with the kiddos and want to enjoy the DJ and the OTG Bar, sit further North closer to the water. There are two bar stations, both central to the food so I like to sit between the bars or else just north of the bar closet to the water. You’re near the DJ, the action and most importantly close to the inside bathrooms at the Walt Disney Museum.

Are there bathrooms? Yes there are port o poddy’s on the east side of the green (just behind the center of the park). However, if you prefer a real toilet I recommend visiting the Walt Disney Museum (on the west side of the park, one of the middle red brick buildings) where there are lots of toilets and you can come and go with no fee or questions asked. Maybe don’t say that I sent you 🙂 

Off The Grid Presidio

Off The Grid Presidio

Off The Grid Presidio

  The Nopalito tent where I typically get the Totopos which are amazing! Nopalito is the more casual mexican restaurant from the team at Nopa. Read more about Nopa here

Off The Grid Presidio

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