Where to Eat in Seaside & Santa Rosa Florida

One of my favorite places is Seaside Florida. It’s on the Western Coast along the Gulf of Mexico coastline and has a very Southern Influence (the local people and the local food). I’ve been many times with an old friend Katherine (Yes same Katherine from Asia, Chile, Argentina, Vienna & Budapest) and I think it’s one of the best kept secrets in Florida. Thanks again to Katherine and her awesome family for sharing this heavenly destination with me as their guest!


Seaside Florida

Seaside if best known as the location of the movie The Truman Show. It’s very picturesque with charming homes, white picket fences with green lawns, and the best part is the entire town is within walking distance of the Beach. The Beach is spectacular with white sand and gorgeous green/coral looking water. The water is very clear you can even see the fish on a clear day through the water.


Seaside Florida: Where To Eat
A former Airstream, now a Food Cart in downtown Seaside

Bud & Alley’s Roof Deck Bar & Restaurant

This is a great spot which overlooks the Ocean. It has a very fun, lively bar on the second floor and a more formal restaurant downstairs. Definitely a must see during a visit to Seaside and it’s usually where most people go for a drink or bite from Sunset on….  2236 E County Road 30-A, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459. (850) 231-5900.



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Bud & Alley’s Taco Bar

his is a newer addition to Seaside (since my first visit in 2003 or so) and it’s amazing. Each time I go back it’s even better with new additions to the menu. The team that works there is beyond friendly and super nice. This became my go to spot on my most recent visit for lunch (almost daily) as well as sometimes a late afternoon snack.  Yes I LOVE this place!!  2236 E County Road 30-A, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459




Fish Out Of Water

 This is a bit fancier it’s in the near-bye town (about 1/4 a mile down the beach from Seaside). It’s very tasty and also along the beach so you can enjoy the beach, listen to the water while you enjoy a meal or a drink. Golden Rod Cir, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459(850) 534-5050.

Modika Market

 This is the local grocery store but it has everything you could want. There are a lot of gourmet options there or you can just run in for an ice cream, beer, whatever! Every trip to Seaside includes multiple visits to Modika Market. They also have a delicious Arnold Palmer which I’m addicted to. Try it and you’ll see why! 109 Center Ave, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459. (850) 231-1214.



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