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Questions & Answers with Emily

I grew up in Winnetka Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. You can watch more about my background on my About Me Video.

I live in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights neighborhood and LOVE it. Prior to SF (as us locals call it) I was in New York City. Check out my Top 10 Pacific Heights Restaurant post

After 11 years of living in New York City I was ready for a change. I wanted a slower, more active lifestyle and was super excited about getting closer to Wine Country. As you will read or already know, I’m a huge wine enthusiast, not only enjoying drinking wine, but studying it and writing about it extensively. I possess the¬†California Appellation Wine Specialist Certification¬†and recently took the Italian Wine Specialist Course with the North American Sommelier Association.

I have not decided yet. I love learning about Wine and speaking more¬†informatively about what I’m enjoying and drinking, however, obtaining a Sommellier Certification is quite time consuming and a huge commitment so I’m still evaluating if it’s what I want.

Since 2014 I have had my own consulting company, Emily Martin Events & Communications consulting on Events, Marketing & Public Relations. I also manage and curate all the content for The JetSetting Fashionista and do freelance writing (see my portfolio here)

Prior to moving to San Francisco I worked in Fashion in New York in the Bloomingdale’s Buying Office and Buying/Merchandising for Louis Vuitton. Upon moving to San Francisco I worked in Merchandising for Old Navy’s Baby division.

After a year and a half of living in San Francisco and spending every weekend I could exploring wine country and navigating San Francisco’s Dining scene I realized my passion was within the Hospitality, Food & Wine Industry. I also wanted more time and flexibility to focus on my blog. I left my Retail job at Gap Inc. and took a few months¬†to travel and really think about what I wanted to do (which I highly recommend, Bali was the perfect place for this exploration). In June 2014 I¬†started my own company,¬†Emily Martin Events & Communications¬†and¬†pursued my dream to blog and write more extensively.

I try to post 4-5 times a week. Since the blog originated¬†as a Travel Blog, The JetSetting element of the title was sharing the Travels of a Fashionista back when I worked in Fashion I still love to write about my travels. However, as I’ve acclimated to¬†the¬†San Francisco Food & Wine world I have so many amazing Restaurants and Wineries to share with my readers that my content has increased within both categories. I’m also loving all that California has to offer activity wise and I love sharing hikes or outdoor experiences I have that I think others would like to know about. Being more active was another reason I moved to California and I love to share all California has to offer with my readers. You can see my fashion background¬†within my¬†packing¬†and shopping guides.

I went to¬†Indiana University in Bloomington Indiana. I describe Bloomington as the “best place on earth” as it really felt that way during my college years. I obtained a BA in Apparel Merchandising¬†with a Business Minor. I also have my MBA from Fordham University in Finance with an Entrepreneurial focus.

Friends would always come to me asking for travel suggestions and on a flight to Paris in 2009, I realized it made sense to put all of my travels and experiences in one spot on a blog. For the first two years, my blog was private, for friends and family. In 2011 I made it public, although I was quite hesitant about opening up my private life to the world. I have since gotten over that and embrace sharing my travels, food, wine, shopping tips or favorite day-to-day activities with my readers here and on social media.

I take almost all of my pictures unless I’m lucky enough to use a photographer. ¬†When a photographer is used you’ll know as I credit them.

I shoot with¬†a¬†Nikon J5 Mirrorless Camera,¬†essentially a more compact mini DSLR Camera. I bought this in the fall of 2015, prior to that, most of my photos were from my IPhone or a Nikon D40. The Nikon D40 which is so old it’s now discontinued. The current version is the Nikon D3200. ¬†I also use a GoPro Hero 4 for some action video content.

I use photoshop for my blog photos and VSCO for editing on my IPhone for Instagram and Twitter

I really enjoy traveling, dining out, spinning, golf, hiking, exploring wine country, and hanging with friends and family.

Email me Emily@JSFashionista.com. I look forward to hearing from you!