A New Must Try In San Francisco TBD Restaurant

A New Must Try In San Francisco

TBD Restaurant

Having heard that AQ Restaurant was opening a sister restaurant (by sister I mean the same owner and chef) called TBD, I was curious to try it. I have been to AQ once which I liked, however, after visiting their newest restaurant TBD I literally fell in love….

What did I love about it? For starters, the ambiance. TBD Restaurant is pretty minimal with a cool Mission feel to it. Quite appropriate since it’s on Mission Street in the S.O.M.A. (South of Market) area of San Francisco. Second, the adorable chefs. It never hurts to have both talented and cute chefs, right? Come on ladies, you’re not going to disagree with me!  Most importantly, the food. It was delicious. I loved the inventive twists on traditional dishes seen in the Salad with a horseradish dressing. I had never had horseradish as a dressing and it was amazing! The Pumpkin Soup, Brussel Sprouts, Brick Chicken and Apple Dessert also stood out as over the top fabulous when thinking back on what I enjoyed most. Regardless of what you order, I bet you’ll find this new restaurant inventive, fun, and a fresh take on California Cuisine. Thanks to the fabulous Chefs and team at T.B.D. for making my visit so memorable. I look forward to dining with you again soon! XO The J.S.F. 1077 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103




IMG_4296Loved the creative spot for silver wear. What a fun way to spice up your serving utensils.

IMG_4318The two talented and charming Chefs


IMG_4313Steak salad with chicories & radish


IMG_4300Another fabulous appetizer, the Pumpkin Soup with kohlrabi & crispy quinoa

IMG_4309Brussels sprouts, spiced honey glaze



IMG_4303My favorite Appetizer. A light salad with candied walnuts, beets, blue cheese and a touch of horseradish. What an inventive delicious dish


IMG_4311The incredible delicious Brick Chicken with toasted bread salad &  citrus. This was quite a large portion, so definately good to share. A must try as one of your entrees.

IMG_4321Last but not least the fabulous Baked winter apple, brandied caramel & dried fruit. I’m not typically a dessert girl (I usually drink my dessert) and this was amazing. Delicious ice cream on top of fabulous apple and caramel dessert. Enough said!

2 Responses
  • Caroline Curran
    December 9, 2014

    I went there a few months ago! I LOVE this silverware spot!! That’s the best part!!

    • JSFashionista
      January 23, 2015

      Caroline, perfect10sf.com I’m sorry for the late reply I hadn’t seen this comment. Right!? The silverware is so cute as is their AMAZING food!!

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