Ovid Winery A Napa Valley Winery Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen

Ovid Winery A Napa Valley Winery Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen

Wow, what a spectacular place I’m about to share with you….. However, I can’t take credit for discovering Ovid Winery as a friend Kate (the one I visited in Hong Kong) and who I dine and wine taste with often suggested we check it out. Sadly she wasn’t with me when I was fortunate enough to visit but I have her to thank for the amazing find. Wow! It’s hard to describe how special Ovid is. I will try to share with you the magnificent Winery and why you must try to visit for yourself.

The instructions for arriving to Ovid explain you have a very long hill to ascend in order to discover Ovid Winery. During this assent you will see gorgeous Lake views as well as various views of the Napa Valley. As if that isn’t special enough, you then reach Ovid Winery’s gate and enter a private drive leading to the Winery. Every aspect of the experience makes the suspense that much more exciting…. Upon arriving to Ovid Winery you’re greeted by a large building that has a farm-house look and feel to it.  You have arrived to Ovid.


We were greeted by Janet Pagano, one of the Managing Partners and our Hostess & Expert for the afternoon. What a delight. Janet couldn’t be more knowledgeable or educated about Ovid Winery. She joined the team when the brand and winery was first developing.  


Look out for signs for Long Family Ranch… If you find these you’re in the right direction!

Ovid Winery Napa

The spectacular views along the drive up to the Winery


What a fabulous entrance!  I love the autumnal pre Halloween decorations


Certified Organic Farming. Check!


During our visit we were given a tour of the property exterior then taken into the Wine Making area as well as the Lab (talk about the perks of being a scientist, I mean Wine Maker!). Everything from the beautiful scenery to the beautiful winery even the lab is stunning.  On top of the amazing property, the Wine is delicious. It’s very hard to get as there’s currently a wait list so hurry up and get to Ovid so you can try it for yourself and if you like it get on that wait list. 255 Long Ranch Rd, St Helena, CA 94574. 707- 963-3850




The super cool hallway/entrance as you enter the Winery leading to the Tasting Room


IMG_4164Napa Valley views



Me (on the right) and Eden, my guest who joined me for the day in Wine Country






The Wine Library archiving all Ovid Wines



After the long awaited suspense (the drive in, the tour…) finally we got to try the fabulous Wine!!


The Tasting Room with Napa Valley views. Very very rare to see such views. Spectacular!


Hands down the most spectacular wine tasting room view imaginable. No debate!


Farewell Ovid and this amazing view. Until next time!

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