Pemuteran Bali Where To Stay & Eat at Hotel Puri Ayu

Pemuteran Bali Where To Stay

& Eat at Hotel Puri Ayu

Stop #3 on Bali 23 Day Adventure

Puri Ganesh Villas –  During my visit to Pemuteran, Bali at Taman Sari Hotel,  I asked around for the best place for a meal, explaining I was a Foodie I was told to check out Puri Ganesh Villas next door.  It’s apparently the nicest hotel in the area with the most fabulous restaurant in Pemuteran so naturally I wanted to check it out. I was under the impression it was a Hotel. You can imagine how surprised I was as I ventured from my Hotel’s beach next door to Puri Ganesh and found a couple lounging in their Private Pool (which I thought was the Hotel pool).  They were super nice and shared with me that the hotel consists of four private residences, each with their own pool. Hence why I had mistaken the pool as the hotel pool.  They informed me that the Hotel Library and Hotel Restaurant were a few residences down. Upon finding both I realized the charm and draw of the Hotel.  The restaurant was colorfully decorated with each dining area having a unique charming feel to it. The open air library had beautiful antique furniture with a very bohemian feel to it making you want to curl up with a book and some coffee and enjoy the gorgeous ocean views all day. This is definitely a hotel/villa I’d suggest looking into if you visit Pemuteran with a group large enough to offset what I was told is not a cheap stay.  I was told there’s a fabulous Chef at the Hotel Restaurant. From from the delicious lunch I experienced while dining here,  I definitely understand why guests fall in love with the Food & the lovely exclusive feel of this fabulous hotel.  Dusun Pemuteran. Pemuteran, Gerokgak, BaliIndonesia.


IMG_6967Relaxing Library views of the ocean

IMG_6957The Spice Room

IMG_6960Ocean views from the Dining Room 

IMG_6961The restaurant dining area

IMG_6995The most delicious fresh salad I had during my entire stay in Bali. Falafel, Corn, Chickpeas and Tomatoes. DELICIOUS!

IMG_6997Delicious Fried Rice with awesome dipping sauces. Yummy!!

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