Pemuteran Bali Scuba Diving A Must Do

Pemuteran Bali Scuba Diving A Must Do

Bali Diving Academy – Within the Taman Sari Hotel (where I stayed in Pemuteran) is Bali Diving Academy. To be clear, to say that I had the most surprising AMAZING experience in Pemuteran, Bali Scuba Diving would be an understatement. Prior to arriving to Pemuteran, Bali I contemplated spending my 3 relaxing days at the beach “exploring” Scuba Diving. By exploring, I assumed I’d try it, hate it again and chill at the beach. I didn’t really think I’d give it a shot, fall in love and get certified. Talk about another amazing surprise of this trip. The last time I tried diving I was 15 in a Pool at Club Med Turks & Caicos and the moment I had to let my breathing device out of my mouth I panicked and gave up on scuba diving.  I’m soooooo glad that I gave it another chance AND that I had the most amazing instructor imaginable, Karin. By luck (and being tired from my prior travel day leading to me sleeping in) I started my first dive exploration course in the afternoon and the morning group had already started. That left me alone essentially having a private scuba lesson with Karin. This first lesson and first dive lead to me loving it and wanting to get the Scuba Diver Course Certification (the first of many certifications you can get). If you’re contemplating diving while in Bali, definitely visit Pemuteran and the Bali Diving Academy. The staff is all great! Super friendly, knowledgeable and experienced making all levels feel safe and comfortable. Hopefully I’ll be able to return and dive with this awesome team who helped me lose my training wheels (snorkel) for the real thing! Jl, Danau Buyan 14B Sanur. Bali, Indonesia. 

Pemuteran Bali Scuba Diving A Must DoThe fabulous Diving Beach off the coast of the Hotel


IMG_6942My fabulous Scuba Diving teacher Karin quizzing me

IMG_6905It’s official after my 1st day of Scuba School. I’m a Diver. In it to WIN IT!

IMG_6902The Pemuteran Diving Team. Without them I could have never done it!

IMG_6978I did it! Officially certified with my own Diver’s Log Book!!

IMG_6897A local Pemuteran Diving Map

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