The Luxurious Skipstone Wine Tasting Experience in Geyserville, California

Located in the lovely Geyserville area that I’ve grown quite fond over, is the charming Skipstone Winery Sonoma. This was a winery I kept hearing about and was told I HAD to visit it that I would fall in love and boy was I impressed! Follow along below to see My Fabulous Skipstone Wine Tasting.

Skipstone Winery

As soon as you arrive at Skipstone Winery, you are immediately in awe at the beautiful grounds the winery has to offer. In one direction you face their gorgeous biodynamically farmed vineyards and mountain top views and on the other side you face the gorgeous Estate (where the owners reside part-time).  It almost feels as if you are walking upon a castle (shown below) when you arrive to the Skipstone Winery Estate.

Skipstone Wine Tasting

As soon as you walk up you feel transported somewhere else…

Vineyard views looking outside from gorgeous Skipstone Winery

Not only is the estate stunning, but so are the views surrounding Skipstone. The biodynamic vineyards are gorgeous to look at while sipping on these stunning wines.  Since their 2nd vintage in 2006 legendary Napa Winemaker Philipp Melka has been the Consulting Winemaker for Skipstone. When you taste the wines you’ll experience their elegance and smooth expressions.

Skipstone Wine Tasting

Here is a look at one of the primary outdoor tasting spaces surrounded by vineyards and breathtaking views.  During my extremely warm (95+) summer visit, it was too hot to taste outside so I was lucky to get to taste in the owner’s estate (shown below).  Touring and being hosted in this stunning home was quite spectacular. And, for those of you planning a visit to Napa Valley, they rent it out (to friends of the winery or wine club members).

Email me if you’d like to learn more I can connect you with the team!

Outdoor wine tasting in Sonoma CA

Skipstone Wine Tasting

Skipstone Wine Tasting Experience

Emily The JetSetting Fashionista at Skipstone Winery

All smiles at Skipstone Winery

Skipstone Wine Tasting

Due to the extreme heat during my visit, I was lucky to get to enjoy the tasting in this GORGEOUS Estate home including picturesque views of Alexander Valley (facing West) vs. the outdoor tasting space (shown above) facing the Eastern Vineyard views. Both spots are exquisite and part of what sets apart this Luxury Wine Tasting experience.Skipstone Wine Tasting Seated Tasting with stunning views

Wine & Charcuterie Tasting in Sonoma, California

This family-owned business is one of a kind. For more wineries like this, see my blog, The Best Sonoma Family-Owned Wineries to Try.

Wine & Charcuterie Tasting in Sonoma, California

It’s hard to decide which wines to try and take home since they all are fantastic. They offer a light culinary pairing with cheese and charcuterie from my pals at JourneyMan. Read more about Journey Man Meat Co here.Wine Tasting at Skipstone in Sonoma, CA

We tasted 3 varietals during the visit. A Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and a Cabernet Franc. The Merlot was my favorite as I rarely get to enjoy such well-made, balanced and rich-tasting Merlot Wine. This really stood out for me.  The Oliver’s Blend (their signature Cabernet Sauvignon) was also beautiful, which was beyond smooth and elegant with subtle tannins showing how well it will age and hold up.

Emily The JetSetting Fashionista Wine Tasting in Sonoma, CA

Emily The JetSetting Fashionista in Sonoma Co Wine Country

If you ever get the chance to stay, I highly recommend it. The grounds are beautiful, along with the rooms and service. Truly, a great experience. And did I mention guests get to use this beyond incredible pool.

Emily The JetSetting Fashionista Wine Tasting in Sonoma, CA

Cheers to a fabulous afternoon and wine tasting at Skipstone Winery!

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