Best Dive Bar In Petaluma Ernies Tin Bar

 I discovered The Best Bar in Petaluma , Ernies Tin Bar during a Sunday Funday in wine country. I had just attended a fabulous pickup party at Scribe Winery and was craving a cold beer and a chill way to wrap up the fun afternoon. Ernie’s Tin Bar was the perfect spot for just that!

Why does the J.S.F. love Ernies? For starters, I’m a huge fan of Dive Bars. Yes, I love a snazzy cocktail and a delicious glass of wine but sometimes a Bud Light does the trick. In this case, after a few hours of Wine Tasting Ernie’s was perfect for what I was looking for!!  The best part of the bar is the no cell phone policy. If you pull out a phone you risk having to bar the bar around (love this rule, perfect way to encourage people to be in the moment where they are vs. calling or texting everyone else not with them!).  Also, ladies, prepare yourselves for a port a potty bathroom as there isn’t a real toilet so just like any dive bar, there’s a dive bathroom! 5100 Lakeville Hwy, Petaluma, CA 94954.


Sonoma California Ernies Best Dive BarErnie Junior, what a nice guy he’s the Junior of one of the original founders



Best Dive Bar in Petaluma Ernie's Tin Bar

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