Juneau Alaska’s Hotels The Silverbow & The Baranof Westmark

Juneau Alaska Hotels The Silverbow & The Baranof Westmark

You may remember reading that for my 30th birthday and business school graduation my Dad took me to Kenya Africa, the trip of a lifetime!  Well, after all the fun we had there I’d been suggesting we explore Alaska next….. It took two years of suggesting/asking/nagging that we plan an Alaska trip for it to happen. After that, 6 months to pick a date. We landed on summer upon learning it is the best time to visit. After doing my usual big destination trip research (buying Eyewitness travel guides for the State/Country I plan to visit) as well as scouring the Internet and my two favorite travel magazines (Travel and Leisure and Conde Nast Traveller) I found one of the most well-known awarded Alaska experts Margret Propper of Brown Travel to advise on what trip to take.  We decided on a seven-day Off The Beaten Path South East Alaska trip which visited Juneau, Gustavus, Haines & Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. Upon planning our trip to Juneau we were quickly told how few hotels there are in Juneau. During our two stopovers in Juneau we visited two of the higher-end hotel options.   See below for The Juneau Alaska Hotels I would recommend you check out!

Silver Bow Inn was a quaint local hotel in downtown Juneau. The tour group booked this for us and although the accommodations are very minimal and simple, the fabulous staff, delicious food, and charming character made it very quaint. Also remember there aren’t any fancy hotels in Juneau so of the two or three hotel options this may be the most high-end you’ll find! One cool thing they had been was a Hot Tub on the roof so you can relax with views of the bay as you sip on a local Alaskan Beer and watch the Cruise Ships and Fishing Boats come and go into Juneau. 120 2nd Street. Juneau, Alaska. 

Where To Stay In Juneau Alaska

Juneau Alaska


Baranof (Westmark Hotel) was the hotel we stayed at on the tail end of the trip and I have to say I missed the Silver Bow Inn. Since neither was a 4 of 5 star hotel for that matter, if I’m going to be in something older and more run down I prefer a smaller more charming place with character, local charm, and staff that you connect with. It was hard to top the amazing friend we made at the Silver Bow Inn! 127 North Franklin Street, Juneau, Alaska.