Favorite San Francisco Things To Do, Exploring Lands End National Park


What is Land’s End National Park: Land’s End is a National Park located in San Francisco within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.  It borders the shoreline at the mouth of the Golden Gate Park. It’s located between the Sutro District and Lincoln Park and abutting Fort Miley Military Reservation.  The park also possesses a memorial to the USS San Francisco. 

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What trail is best for hiking: The most-traveled trail in Lands End is the Coastal Trail, a section of the trail that follows the railbed of the old Cliff House Railway. This trail is handicap-accessible until the Mile Rock Overlook, and bike accessible until the Eagles Point steps. A spur trail takes users to Mile Rock Point and Mile Rock Beach, which offer views of the Golden Gate.

Lands End San Francisco

What else should you expect to see: The ruins of the Sutro Baths (shown below) are also located in this historic Park which are very cool to check out and explore. Other historic sites include numerous shipwrecks, which are visible at low tides from the Coastal Trail and Mile Rock.

Lands End San Francisco

Why visit: One of the amazing things about San Francisco is that there are beautiful National Parks like Land’s End located within the city. For a city that’s only 7 X 7 miles it’s amazing all the beauty and nature you can experience. Land’s End Park is a perfect example of this. It’s on the Western side of San Francisco just before you reach Ocean Beach (if coming from the North or East side) and it’s spectacular. You can visit for a quick 15 minute stop to see the Sutra Baths or you can allow an hour or two for a longer hike or day of exploring. It’s super accessible, beautiful and a great sight to visit while still staying in San Francisco. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! 

Lands End San Francisco

Me and Katherine (a JSF Board favorite travel partner and Board of advisor) hiking Land’s End 

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