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Where to Shop in Seattle, Washington Ballard

As an experienced Seattle visitor over the years I’ve gotten to know the various neighborhoods. As of 2013-2014 it’s fair to say that one of my most favorite area’s is Ballard. It’s home to one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle, Ballard Pizza, a bunch of great bars and just a lively scene. It’s perfect to go for dinner or drinks or during the day to walk around and browse. One of my favorite spots to shop in Ballard is Kavu, the well-known outdoor brand.

Kavu – This is the original Kavu store which is fun to see and check out. It’s got great outdoor gear and the street is very quaint to walk around on and see other stores in the area. 5419 Ballard Avenue NWest. Seattle, WA. 206-783-0060.



Seattle, Washington Where To Shop

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