The Best Wine Books For Wine Lovers

I’ve spent a great portion of my life captivated by the wonders of wine. From visiting local wineries in California’s Wine Country and the Pacific Northwest, to International Wineries wine tasting and the mastery of wine has become a huge passion of mine. Over the years, I’ve been able to read some great wine books that have peaked my interest and excited me even further about Wine. Continue reading to see some of The Best Wine Books For Wine Lovers.

Champagne Book

Written by Peter Liem, the Champagne Book, The Essential Guide to the Wines, Producers, and Terroirs of the Iconic Region, is a fantastic book to begin your wine journey. This award-winning book is the perfect transition toward learning the basics and essentials of different wines.

Champagne book

Pinot Rocks: A Winding Journey Through Intense Elegance

Michael Browne’s Pinot Rocks: A Winding Journey Through Intense Elegancedescribes his experiences with wine during his life. Michael shares his journey and offers inspiration for those who believe in the American dream. Check out my Interview with Legendary Michael Browne on my blog here. 

Michael Browne Wine Book

Natural Wine For the People

In Natural Wine for the People, James Beard Award-winner Alice Feiring sets the record straight. She offers an accessible guide filled with easy definitions, tips and tricks for sourcing the best wines. She even includes an appendix with the best shops and restaurants specializing in natural wine across the country.Wine Books

The New Wine Rules

In The New Wine Rules, Jon Bonné explains everything you need to know in simple, yet beautifully illustrated tips. This different approach creates a genuinely helpful guide to all aspects of wine. Whether you’re wanting to learn or wanting to relearn, this book will be a great addition!

Wine Books

The New California Wine

The amazing Jon Bonné does it again with this great wine book, The New California Wine: A Guide to the Producers and Wines Behind a Revolution in Taste. This book informs you of the ‘must-knows’ for the new generation of California winemakers.

Wine Book

The Wine Bible

One of the best-selling wine books, Karen MacNeil’s, The Wine Bibleis one of my favorite wine books. Karen MacNeil’s book comes straight from primary research as she has tasted over 10,000 wines all over the world. This book both amuses the reader, as well as informs and emerges us into the fundamentals of wine. You’ll definitely want to grab this book to read during your quarantine.

Wine Folly

Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine combines modern information and visuals for everything you need to know about wine. It includes a food and wine pairing guide, a focus on wine regions, practical tips and tricks for serving wine, and methods for tasting and identifying flavors. This is a great book you’ll want to check out! They also have a ton of amazing tools on their website such as wine posters, tasting instruction and such. Sign up for their email list to learn more I ADORE Wine Folly.

Wine Folly

Wine Simple

This essential guide includes the fundamentals of wine in simple ways for new enthusiasts to follow along. It discusses everyday tips, winemaking regions, how to taste, when to save and when to splurge, and how to set up a wine tasting at home. Purchase a copy of Wine Simple here.

Wine Simple

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