Door County Wisconsin’s Ellison Bay Uncorked Festival

Door County Wisconsin’s Ellison Bay Uncorked Festival

As I was planning a dinner reservation at The Wickman House for my 4th of July week in Door County I saw there was an upcoming Uncork Food, Wine & Music Festival. Anything with the words Food & Wine always interests me so after looking into it further I realized what a fun event this looked like. I ran it by the family and we all thought it looked like a lot of fun and a great way to experience a bunch of local restaurants and try some new Wine & Beer. We made it to the Festival at the tail end (4pm after a 5 hour drive up from Chicago). Even as we caught the last hour of the event I could tell what a hit it had been. There were a ton of local restaurants including:

IMG_9955The Wickman House the venue for the festival

DSC_0016People relaxing at the Wickman House picnic tables

DSC_0019My nephew Henry thrilled about his Gelato

Door County Ellison Bay Uncork FestivalThe tent with live music


IMG_9944The fabulous Ribs & local beer I tried


IMG_9951The Wickman House – one of the co sponsors

IMG_9947The Beer Tent

IMG_9943Wine & Beer Menu (ALL local Wisconsin brands)

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  • Jeannine Martin
    July 9, 2014

    I recommend Wickman House as well. This was a fun event. The Island Orchard Cider was delicious!

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