The Divine Hazel Hill at Montage Healdsburg

There are many luxury hotels in Healdsburg to choose from. The city’s newest luxury resort, Montage Healdsburg, is an absolute gem you must visit. After all, at the Montage Healdsburg is where you can find Hazel Hill, Wine Country’s newest luxury dining location. Speaking of Healdsburg Restaurants, see my Top 10 Healdsburg Restaurants here (including Hazel Hill of course). 

With locally sourced ingredients, an interactive expo kitchen, and al fresco dining options, the restaurant offers many highlights that are sure to make your visit memorable. Montage Hotel, Healdsburg. 

Hazel Hill Restaurant Montage Healdsburg

From spacious dining halls to private dining, Hazel Hill at Montage Healdsburg has a selection of seating options to accommodate your visit. Although, no matter where you’re seated, the dining atmosphere is sure to be wonderful. If you’re coming with a group of friends, I would suggest booking one of their private seating selections that come with amazing scenic views. It’s the perfect location for special occasions and celebrations!

Hazel Hill Restaurant Montage Healdsburg

Hazel Hill Restaurant Montage Healdsburg

All of the restaurant’s ingredients are farm-to-table, which means you’ll be supporting local producers as well.

All smiles enjoying a Sunday brunch at Hazel Hill at Montage Healdsburg with my girlfriends! This was one of the first brunches I’ve enjoyed (since COVID) so it was especially memorable and beyond special enjoying this gorgeous and delicious restaurant.

Views of my tasty Shrimp Cobb Salad.  

Hazel Hill Montage Healdsburg

Did I also mention this place is dog-friendly? I was so happy Ernie could tag along with us. Here we are with Chef Jaron Dubinsky of Hazel Hill at Montage Healdsburg. 

Hazel Hill Restaurant Montage Healdsburg

Being a newly opened restaurant, the menu is evolving as customers provide feedback. That’s how you know a restaurant truly cares about the quality of its food! Also, menu items change every season, giving you a reason to visit again if you enjoyed your first trip!

Hazel Hill Restaurant Montage Healdsburg

The Burger at Hazel Hill is a MUST try. I adored it so much it’s in my Best Healdsburg Burger post on the blog here

Hazel Hill Restaurant Montage Healdsburg

Some of the dessert options at Hazel Hill.

Of course, being in Wine Country, no meal is ever complete without a glamorous selection of wine. Hazel Hill offers a list of the world’s top labels, which you can read about on their website here. Furthermore, the restaurant offers table-side conversations with expert sommeliers to find the pairing that will truly make your meal exquisite.

Without a doubt, Hazel Hill is one of Wine Country’s newest favorite luxury restaurants. And their outdoor area is dog friendly so even Ernie got to come for the fun. Also, if you get the time to visit, make sure to also stay a few nights at Montage Healdsburg, one of the best Wine Country retreats.

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