The Over The Top Mad Hatters Tea Party at The Sanderson Hotel London

For those of you heading to London having high tea is a must on your itinerary. I was recently in London this summer (Summer of 2016) staying at the Sanderson Hotel (read more here) and had the pleasure of experiencing not only one fabulous tea, but two! The first tea was at The Berkeley Hotel which was quite a traditional tea that I enjoyed and recommend you trying. However, if you’re up for something a bit edgier with incredible cocktail pairings to go alongside of your tea plated on gorgeous serving wear with fun unexpected surprises and culinary delights during the meal, then The Mad Hatter Tea at the Sanderson Hotel is where I’d recommend you experience high tea.

Sanderson Hotel

The theme for the Mad Hatter Tea at the Sanderson is for guests to tumble down the rabbit hole for the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland. The experience will surprise you with details such as menus hidden inside vintage books, teapots adorned with kings and queens, sandwich plates decorated with birdcages, carousels and ticking clocks upon specialty sandwiches.

The menu includes Classic Cucumber sandwiches, Goat Cheese Croque-Monsieurs, White Crab Eclairs followed by sinful Scones.

The star attraction, is the collection of Sanderson-Exclusive Teas. In celebration of the sesquicentennial anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s classic novel, Sanderson introduced 5 new, tailor-made teas inspired by the characters of this beloved story. “Alice” has transformed into China Black Tea infused with hints of blackcurrant, vanilla, caramel, citrus, bergamot, blue cornflowers and blue mallow flowers.

Expect the Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea to continue to evolve, with elements and flavors changing seasonally. Tea is served daily and is priced between £48 and £65 (pounds) per person excluding service, £35 per child for children 4-11 years old. More details can be found hereSanderson Hotel, 50 Berners St, London at Sanderson London W1T 3NG, United Kingdom. 


The picturesque outdoor garden seating where I enjoyed my Mad Hatter Tea. Absolutely stunning! During the day and at night where the darker setting provides an incredibly sexy canvas for this swanky tea.

Sanderson Hotel Mad Hatters Tea

The lovely experience starts with these 3 cocktails. They were all so delicious with totally different flavor profiles. I loved the adorable presentation on the tray.

Sanderson Hotel Mad Hatters Tea

Sanderson Hotel Mad Hatters Tea

I love the presentation of the tea just as much as how delicious everything was. The tea cup on the top of the tower filled with veggies really sets the mood for this swanky, delicious experience.

Sanderson Hotel Mad Hatters Tea

Sanderson Hotel Mad Hatters Tea

I love the small details on each item experienced in this over the top delicious Mad Hatter Tea. Even the cookie has an S for Sanderson Hotel on it.

Thanks to The Sanderson Hotel for hosting me for this lovely dining and cocktail experience. This is truly a memory of London I was never forget. 


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