Junior Baker Payton Paleaz of Chez Pay Bakery, PB Teens Extraordinary & The Food Network Kids Baking Championship

Junior Baker Payton Paleaz Of Chez Pay Bakery, PB Teens Extraordinary & The Food Network Kids Baking Championship

It’s hard to believe I’ve only known little Payton Paleaz for a year and a half. Considering how many times I’ve ordered with his business Chez Pay it seems like a lot longer. In addition, in the time that I’ve known him, he has participated in a Food Network Show, The Kids Baking Championship. I’d say he’s doing quite well for himself.

After placing my first order I’ve returned back regularly ordering Birthday Cupcakes or Cakes for Parties I’m hosting or attending. I order so much from him that he tells me I’m one of his best customers. This is so surprising if you’ve tried one of his amazing desserts. I also love supporting young entrepreneurs. He’s so passionate and interested in cooking. It’s refreshing to see.

How I met Payton

If you’re wondering how I know an eleven-year-old, no surprise it’s also because of food…  Payton and I met in November of 2013 through Sprouts Cooking Club. Sprouts is an amazing organization that offers cooking classes for children within the San Francisco Bay area with Chefs in real kitchens with real foods. Certainly, I’ve volunteered numerous times with Sprouts and highly recommend it. A few of the Sprouts Classes I’ve helped with include volunteering with The Slanted DoorChef Laurence Jossel of Nopa Restaurant & Americano Restaurant.

Check out the various deliveries Payton has made to my house (he shows up in uniform for every delivery) and pictures of the delicious desserts. Also, be sure to place your order soon, I promise you’ll thank me for the tip! You can order on his website Chez Pay.

Payton PaleazPayton delivering my 1st order, Cupcakes & a Chocolate Cake for my Annual Friendsgiving Dinner

Payton Paleaz

Payton Paleaz

Payton PaleazA delivery Payton made for a Kitchit Dinner Party I hosted for friends

Payton PaleazThe Vanilla with Chocolate Frosting cupcakes. My favorite flavor, always!

Payton PaleazCarrot Cake a new item I tried for the Kitchit Dinner Party and it was fabulous. Extremely moist with delicious creamy frosting and adorable carrot decor. In sum, I love the personal touches Payton includes.

Payton Paleaz

Payton PaleazA Birthday Delivery for my pal Lizzie. We celebrated at Lagunitas, an awesome Beer Garden in Petaluma

Payton Paleaz

Payton PaleazI love the gorgeous pink tissue and pretty packaging! It really is the small touches that are so important

Payton PaleazPayton making a delivery to The Presidio Bowl for Katherine’s going away party. Yes, he certainly does house/party calls for deliveries!

Payton Paleaz

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