Where To Stay in The Charming Seaside Florida

One of my favorite places is Seaside Florida. It’s on the Western Coast along the Gulf of Mexico coastline and has a very Southern Influence (the local people and the local food). I’ve been many times with an old friend Katherine (Yes same Katherine from Asia, Chile, Argentina, Vienna & Budapest) and I think it’s one of the best kept secrets in Florida. Thanks again to Katherine and her awesome family for sharing this heavenly destination with me as their guest!

Seaside Florida, Where To Stay



The Town of Seaside – Seaside if best known as the location of the movie The Truman Show. It’s very picturesque with charming homes, white picket fences with green lawns, and the best part is the entire town is within walking distance of the Beach. The Beach is spectacular with white sand and gorgeous green/coral looking water.


Seaside Florida: Where To Eat
A former Airstream, now a Food Cart in downtown Seaside

Seaside Cottage Rentals

Seaside has a great cottage rental program. The cottages are all so charming and very close to the beach it’s a great option so you can eat/grill at home and enjoy the amenities of a house vs. hotel.


Abracadambra” The fabulous house I’ve been lucky enough to stay at during my visitsIMG_2631

Water Color Hotel 

This is a very nice Hotel & Resort along the water. This is also where the Fish Out of Water Restaurant is located which is very good.  The hotel is very family friendly so perfect if you’d rather stay in a hotel than rent a house in town. I’d lean towards renting a house (as that’s what I’ve always done and it’s great!).

photo 1

 The ladies at Fish Out Of Water (at the Water Color Hotel)

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