The Top California Female Winemakers to Get to Know

I have visited many wineries over the years, and have been lucky enough to get to know some of the winemakers and some of my favorite wineries. As a female entrepreneur myself, I love to acknowledge my fellow females that are leading the path to success. Continue reading below to see the The Top California Female Winemakers to Get to Know.

Akiko Freeman 

Akiko Freeman from Freeman Winery was raised in Tokyo, Japan and learned about wine from her grandfather. Freeman Winery located in West Sonoma is an amazing place to grow grapes and Freeman Winery has two, organically farmed vineyards that Akiko creates her beautiful Freeman Winery Wines from.  They use very traditional production techniques, natural yeast, and all of their wines are unfiltered. Read about my Interview with Winemaker Akiko Freeman on my blog here.

California Female Winemakers

Check out the Freeman Winery website here.

Alice Sutro 

Alice Sutro of Sutro Wines grew up around the winemaking world, which explains why her and her wines are so amazing! Sutro wines represents the volcanic atmosphere and vineyards and minerals in the wine really represent that. This is a woman-owned winery that I absolutely adore, read about My Visit to Sutro Wines here. Check out more of my Interview with Alice Sutro of Sutro Wines on my blog here. 

California Female Winemakers

Watch my Instagram Live with Winemaker Alice Sutro below

Amy Chenoweth 

After receiving her certificate from UC Davis in winemaking, Amy Chenoweth fell in love with the art of winemaking. Her and her husband Charlie Chenowith who is a beyond-talented well regarded Vineyard Manager are amazing. Watch my pruning lesson with Charlie Chenoweth on YouTbe Below. 

have been growing wines for several wineries over the years, but finally became inspired to start their own. Chenoweth Wines have become one of my favorites and I have loved visiting the winery, especially with my dog Ernestine. Chenoweth Vineyards is also a dog-friendly winery, which as I wine-lover, I love. Read more about my visit to Chenoweth Vineyards and a few more Dog-Friendly Wineries in Sonoma on my blog. 

California Female Winemakers

Check out my Interview with Winemaker Amy Chenoweth of Chenoweth Wines on my blog here. 

Pruning Lesson with Vineyard Manager Charlie Chenoweth of Chenoweth Vineyard Management

Anne Moller-Racke

After visiting Donum Estate a fabulous winery located in Carneros which I adore, I thought it would be interesting to interview Former President and Winegrower Anne Moller-Racke. She has quite an incredible background and experience in the wine world so read more about the stunning and impressive Anne Moller-Racke.

Learn more about Donum Estate in my Top 10 Carneros Winery post here!

Learn about Anne’s newest project, Blue Farm Wines on the blog here. Be sure to plan a visit to both Blue Farm & Donum Estate for some of the most delicious Pinot Noir Wines in California and truly spectacular guest experiences. 

Anne Moller-Racke Blue Farm

Heidi Barrett

Heidi Barrett is a famous name that California wine lovers are familiar with. Her reputation proceeds her and over the years I’ve had the privilege of getting to know her and her lovely approachable friendly attitude makes connecting with her and enjoying her wines even that much more special. Learn more about Winemaker Heidi Barrett in my Interview with her on my blog. 

California Female Winemakers

Katy Wilson 

Katy Wilson of Anaba Wines grew up in the Central Valley of California where she was able to learn quickly about the nature around her. Wilson crafts world-class Rhône and Burgundian-style wines that showcase the best of Sonoma County. Read more about Katy Wilson on the Anaba Wines website here.

Watch my Instagram Live with Katy of La Rue Wines on YouTube here. 

California Female Winemakers

Pauline L’Hote

 I had the privilege of meeting the talented winemaker, Pauline Lhote during my first visit to Domaine Chandon (during harvest) and she’s lovely.  We chatted briefly about Chandon and her background making wine in Champagne where I was about to travel to. She had studied at Dom Perignon (read more here) which was my first Maison to visit in Champagne. Check out my blog post on The Best Champagne Maison’s in Reims, France.

If you love Sparkling Wines as much as I do, check out The Best Sparkling Wineries to visit in California on the blog here including Domaine Chandon of course! 

California Female Winemakers

 Shelly Rafanelli

I love whenever I get the opportunity to interview winemakers to learn more about their journeys. In this case, I got to know Shelly Rafanelli better over an evening of amazing Rafanelli Wine at my Pinots & Plaid Winemaker Dinner Series. I curated an evening at the Matheson Healdsburg with Sonoma Legendary Winemakers including Shelly Rafanelli, Tom Rochioli & the Iron Horse Vineyards team. What a blast.

It was during that evening I learned more about Shelly’s journey and when she realized winemaking was her passion. Read the full interview with Shelly here.

Shelly Rafanelli

Vanessa Wong 

Vanessa Wong of Peay Vineyards is such a talented winemaker that I feel so lucky to have gotten to know over the years. Read about my Interview with Winemaker Vanessa Wong here. Peay Vineyards is such a fabulous winery that I have loved visiting and you can read about my Visit to Peay Vineyards here. Vanessa Wong knows exactly how to capture the beautiful taste of the Northern Californian Sonoma Vineyards.

Watch my Instagram Live with Vanessa Wong of Peay Vineyards on YouTube here

California Female Winemakers

Theresa Heredia 

Theresa Heredia is another wonderful winemaker I have gotten to know at Gary Farrell Vineyards as they are one of my favorites in Healdsburg California. Read about one of my many visits to Gary Farrell Vineyards here. This Healdsburg Winery brings out some of the best flavors of Northern California that you must experience. Winemaker Theresa Heredia shares more in our interview. Read my Interview with Winemaker Theresa Heredia here. Theresa Heredia also does a lot to support the LGBTQI+ Community

Speaking of the LGBTQI+ Community, check out my blog post on how to support Pride by Purchasing from Brands that Support Pride including Gary Farrell Wines of course! 

California Female Winemakers

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