Valentine’s Day Wine Gift Guide

With Valentine’s Day a few weeks away I wanted to share some of my favorite wines and culinary eats for those in your life who love wine or food. Happy Valentine’s Day Gift giving!

1. Cameron Hughes Wine & Christopher Elbow Chocolates

A wine brand that I’ve become a huge fan of is Cameron Hughes Wine. They are doing an amazing Valentine’s Day partnership with Chocolatier Christopher Elbow and you can gift Cameron Hughes Wine and a Christopher Elbow Chocolate gift set. I’ve tasted all of the chocolate flavors and they are divine. What’s not to love about a gift involving Wine AND Chocolate?! Sign me up please. See all the gift sets here at Cameron Hughes Wine.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

2 bottles of Genet Champagne Esprit and 9 piece truffles ($83), purchase online here

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

2 bottles of Cameron Hughes 606 Cab and 9 piece truffles ($83), purchase online here

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

2 bottles of Cameron Hughes 411 Moscato and 9 piece truffles ($51), purchase online here

2. J Sparkling Wine

It’s hard not to think of Sparkling Rose when you think of Valentine’s Day and enjoying a lovely pink Rose to toast to. This delicious J Vineyards is the perfect sparkling wine to celebrate Valentine’s Day with it’s lovely pink hues and elegant flavors with ripe raspberry and orange blossom.  Purchase the J Vineyard Sparkling Brut Rose here.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

3. Handley Cellars 

As you may already know, I adore Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. So what’s more perfect for Valentine’s Day than giving some amazing Anderson Valley Pinot Noir or Chardonnay. My favorite Handley Cellars Pinot Noir is the Helluva Vineyard (only available at the Winery so you may need to plan a visit to experience that). I also adore their Anderson Valley Blend. I also adore the Handley Cellars Estate Chardonnay.  Purchase Handley Wines here.

Valentine's Day Wine Gift Guide

4. Rusack Winery

I recently returned from a fabulous Media trip to Santa Barbara visiting the incredible Wine region of Santa Ynez and visited Rusack Winery where I previewed their Rose which launches in a few days. So take it from me this light, lovely Rose is incredible. And at $17 you can’t beat the price.  Hurry up and snag a few bottles (or let’s be honest) just grab a case so you can keep a few for yourself and gift the rest for Valentine’s Day. Purchase online at Rusack Winery here.  Note this links to the 2015 Rose, the 2016 will release February 6th so check back then to purchase.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

5. Jordan Winery

There is something about a beautiful gift box that I’m a sucker for. Well the team at Jordan offers just that PLUS some incredible wines. For the Cabernet lover in your life check out Jordan Winery’s lovely Gift option or if you want to share a great Cabernet and Chardonnay I recommend the two wine set. Purchase online at Jordan Winery here.

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