The Best Oregon Pinot Noir Wines I Adore


Bergstrom is a winery that every time I enjoy (usually at Wine & Spirits Top 100 in San Francisco) I appreciate more and more. I am obsessed with the Chardonnay which by default means they also make spectacular Pinot Noir Wines. The Bergstrom Cumberland Reserve Pinot Noir 2017 is a great buy at $43.99 and absolutely stunning. Purchase online here.

Bergstrom Cumberland Reserve Pinot Noir 2017

Big Table Farm

I still remember the first time I tasted these stunning wines from Big Table Farm at the Wine & Spirits Top 100 (read more here). After tasting these wines that are both earthy yet also measured and super lovely and dedicated I immediately fell in love. And the beautiful labels are hand-drawn by Winemaker Brian’s Wife Clare which is another element of the brand story that I adore. Purchase online here.

Big Table Farm

Big Table Farm


Another great Oregon Pinot Noir that I enjoy time after time is Cristom. Unlike a typical Oregon Pinot, this one has a bit longer hang time (which is great) giving it a brighter profile with blue fruit flavors. It has complexity making it a great wine to age as well. Purchase online here at $34.99

Cristom Pinot NoirDomaine Drouhin

Another fabulous Oregon Winery that is a MUST if you’re trying to get to know Oregon Pinot Noir Wines is Domaine Drouhin. Purchase online here.  Priced in the low $40’s to high $30’s this is a super high-quality wine at pretty accessible price.

Domaine Drouhin


To be able to enjoy a Failla Wine for less than $30 is a very big deal so I highly recommend this Sonoma based brand that I afore. I fell in love with Failla Wines almost 6 years ago when I first moved to California. Read about this amazing winery on the blog here. Purchase the Failla Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2018 online here at $29.99.

Failla Wines

Gran Moraine

Another lovely Oregon Wine that I afore is the Gran Moraine Yamhill-Carlton Pinot Noir 2017: Purchase Gran Moraine Wines here.

Gran Moraine Pinot Noir

Penner Ash

Penner Ash may be one of the first Pinot Noir Wines I tasted years ago at a Jackson Family Wines tasting in San Francisco. We compared similar clones from California and Oregon and that’s when I realized how lovely these wines are. The Penner-Ash Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2017 is another gem I adore. Purchase online here.

Penner Ash Pinot Noir

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