Best Cannabis Products That I Recommend You Try

 Cannabis is a topic I’ve been anxious to write about ever since it became legal in California in 2016. The popularity quickly grew (or shall I say the legal popularity, it was always popular before just not necessarily legal). And also when I mention Cannabis I want to be clear I’m not only talking about POT or the drug that gets you high. Alternatively, I’m mostly speaking about CBD (the non “high”) Cannabis. Follow along below as I share some of my experiences with CBD and why I’m using it for both medicinal purposes (when my back hurts or I can’t sleep this offers remedies for both problems) as well as an alternative after a long day or week when I may not want to ingest alcohol but want to take the edge off.

Some Cannabis products on the market that I’m really enjoying…..
Care by Design CBD GelCaps

If you prefer using gel caps, I suggest you try Care by Design CBD GelCaps. These soft gels help you relax, reduce stress, soothe your body, and assist in a restful night of sleep.

CBD Living Travel Bundle

The CBD Living Travel Bundle is the perfect TSA-friendly gift that includes some of their most popular products. I loved this bundle since it has some of the highest quality essentials like, CBD Living’s travel spray tincture, freeze roll-on, unscented lotion, salve, cherry lip balm, and unflavored lip balm. You’ll definitely want to try out this bundle for yourself!



If you ever have trouble falling or staying asleep as I do, you definitely want to check out the Calm & Sleep Dosist Pen. I prefer the Dosist Pen that has an 8:1 THC to CBD formula made to help you relax or naturally fall and stay asleep.  After using this product, I always wake up feeling so well rested with the energy I need for my day. The CALM pen is great if you want to chill out after a busy day and feel a bit more in a zoned-out stage but not as rested as taking the SLEEP PEN.

Honest Paws: Calm Peanut Butter
Honest Paws CALM CBD

As I’ve shared that Ernestine (aka Ernie) sometimes needs a little CBD to help her relax and ease her anxiety. Recently I discovered Honest Paws CALM product which is essentially a peanut butter product with 10 mg of CBD. I put it on a bone for her at night to help calm her and unwind after a big day of excitement.  She loves it and I find it very effective.

Shop online here at Honest Paws and use my referral code ( to save $20 off your first purchase. 

Honest PawsHonest Paws

Honest Paws

 Check out some of My Favorite Dog Products on my blog here.


Lavinia is a wellness cannabis brand that combines the power of THC and CBD into a lubricant, oh.hi. Lavinia is a Los Angeles based cannabis powered wellness brand founded to enhance pleasure with cannabis and create a welcoming community for people to talk about their experiences. I tried this product and was OBSESSED with it. It works very well and enhanced the pleasure ten fold. Try it yourself and see what I mean. 

Since Lavinia does contain cannabis, it can only be purchased in dispensaries. See where to purchase online here. 

Best Cannabis Products

Mary’s Medicinals: CBD / THC Patch

Mary’s award-winning Transdermal CBD/ THC Patch is the perfect pain relief you’re going to want handy. Whenever I am experiencing heavy back pain, I put one of these patches on and instantly have pain relief for about 8-12 hours. If it’s not super extreme I’ll cut it in half but if it’s 7+ on a scale of 10 I’d use the entire patch. I purchase these on, shop here and get a $40 referral code if you’re a first time user with this link! You’re welcome 🙂


If you’re interested in trying a CBD oil, I highly recommend the New Highs 700 CBD Oil! It includes a controlled dispenser to make the most of dosing, and can be used orally. This high-quality product is definitely worth the purchase!

 S Social CBD Drops

The S Social CBD Oil Drops is definitely an essential product that helps me pause during a stressed filled day. These oils come in a variety of scents that have soothing aromatherapy benefits. These drops are great to drizzle over food, drop into drinks, or directly into your mouth!

S Social CBD Oil For Pets

For the pet owners like myself, the S Social CBD Oil For Pets is a must-have product for our furry friends. This all-natural CBD oil comes in several flavors and provides stress relief for your pets. This product has worked amazingly to mellow out Ernie, especially on days our pets can get a little more anxious than usual like 4th of July, or New Year’s Eve. She loves it so much she’ll lick the bottle and try to bite the cap off. See images below!

Ernie CBD

Ernie loves using this product too!

Terra Cannabis-Infused Espresso Beans

If you’re a coffee lover and want to start the morning off with a boost, you definitely need to try the Terra Cannabis Infused Espresso Beans. These micro-roasted Tanzanian coffee beans are 5mg of THC and sourced in the local Bay Area where they offer dosing that is convenient to your liking. Did I mention these coffee beans are coated in delicious dark chocolate?

For All Hair Bliss & Foot Rest

As you can see, there’s a variety of ways you can use cannabis products, even on your hair! For All’s Hydrating CBD Hair Mask nourishes your hair leaving your hair soft, strong and full of shine!

Hair Bliss

For All’s Foot Rest is a relaxing foot and body eucalyptus and CBD cream that provides relief for tension, soreness, and fatigue. I love using this product on my feet, legs, neck, shoulders and lower back.

For All Foot Rest

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