The Best Spritzer’s You Need For The Summer

If you’re looking for the perfect drink for the summer, you’re going to want to keep reading. Spritzer’s have taken over the drinking scene and are a great for any occasion. Depending on the flavors and type of liquor you like, there’s a Spritzer for you. Follow along as I share The Best Spritzer’s You Need For The Summer.

Bud Light Seltzer

I have been a fan of Bud Light for quite some time (I guess it’s my Midwest roots that make me love Beer) as they are one of my go to beers. When I found out they were coming out with a new Bud Light Seltzer, I couldn’t wait to try it. I was lucky enough to have Bud Light send me a case of their delicious seltzers, and they do not disappoint. With a variety of flavors for everyone to enjoy, these seltzer’s are the perfect summer drink. Check out the Bud Light website to check out their awesome seltzer’s.

Best Spritzer's

Speaking of beer, if you love beer but on the hunt for a Non-Alcoholic Beverage, check out my blog post on The Best Non-Alcoholic Beers. Also be sure to check out The Best California Beers to support our local breweries!

High Noon

Get your vodka and soda from High Noon. Made with real juice and real vodka, this seltzer is sure to be a refreshing drink, perfect for any gathering. They’re only 100 calories, gluten free, and sugar free, so no need to feel guilty about having one, or two! They have a wide variety of flavors for everyone to enjoy. Check out the High Noon website here. 

Best Spritzer's

Line 39 Wines

Real Pinot Noir, sparkling water, and a hint of natural cherry. Line 39 Wines is a great spritzer option for these hot summer days and nights.  It’s a bit sweet yet still delicious and refreshing. Perfect for all wine lovers, this seltzer pairs perfectly poolside.  Check out the Line 39 Wines website here.

Best Spritzer's

Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Mike’s Hard Lemonade is the perfect, cool, and refreshing drink for any hot day. This lemonade flavored drink tastes good on its own, or in a cocktail. Mike’s Hard Lemonade is not too sweet or sour, balancing that perfect fresh flavor.. with a little bit of vodka mixed in. Check out the Mike’s Hard Lemonade website here.

Best Spritzer's

Best Spritzer's

They’ve even got some great new flavors of lemonade you need to try. If these aren’t strong enough for you, be sure to check out Mike’s Harder Lemonade that contains about 8% of alcohol per can.

Picnic Sparkling Wine Cocktails

As soon as I discovered Picnic Sparkling Wine Cocktails, I absolutely adored them. They feature two flavors, Citrus which has hints of peach, pineapple, and tangerine, and a Berry flavor with notes of blueberry and pomegranate. With every can sold, Picnic Sparkling Wine Cocktails donates a percentage to National Parks. Make life a picnic with them today, and don’t forget to recycle!

Best Spritzer's

I also love adding San Pellegrino Momenti to the Picnic Sparkling Wines which creates a delicious cocktail. The sparkling Natural flavors of the San Pellegrino drinks make it perfect for the warmer weather. If you’re interested in more sparkling drinks, check out my blog post on My Favorite Sparkling Wines.

Best Spritzer's

White Claw

The drink that broke the internet, making it almost impossible at one point to purchase due to the rush of purchases. White Claws reimagined this new way of drinking for less calories, without sacrificing flavor and liquor.  Some of their classic flavors are the best to mix in with your favorite spirits! Check out my blog post on The Best Spirit Brands You Need here.

Best Summer Spritzer's

Best Spritzer's

Enjoy these canned seltzer’s anywhere, and be sure to add your favorite fruit to them. Check out the White Claw website here for more of their new and upcoming flavors.

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