The Perfect Packing List For A Carryon

The Perfect Packing List For A Carryon

Over the years I have perfected What To Pack For The Perfect Carry on!! Many friends and family have asked me what I believe are the necessities to pack in my carry on and below is what I can’t survive without!

Carry On Necessities:

The best Carryon Bag & Carryon Suitcase: Louis Vuitton Monogram Pegase Suitcase & Louis Vuitton Damier Neverfull Tote are typically what I travel with. I love the Neverfull Tote because it is enormous and you can fit magazines, a laptop, toiletries, snacks, even a change of clothes in it. 

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Toiletries & Make up: I always carry on my make up and toileteries, that way if your bags are lost you have these essentials with you. I’ve lost a make up bag and it’s like giving away $500 worth of your favorite things. Shop some of my favorite makeup essentials here

Packing Packing Packing

Snacks: I prefer to pack my own snacks which includes an In Kind Bar, nuts, gum, candy (yes I use travel as an excuse for my sweet tooth), corn nuts (preferably Ranch!)

Meal: If you’re flying during a meal time I always bring my own meal vs. depending on the airline’s offering. If you’re flying First Class or Business that’s another story but usually I take the Coach ticket (even if on miles) since I prefer multiple free tickets (in Coach) to one in Business or First Class.

Purell/Wipes: I try to pack my own Purell Wipes to wipe down the table and arm rests as it’s pretty disgusting how many people have sat where you’re sitting!… yes I’m a bit O.C.D.

Great book or a kindle: Ever since I madee the switch from Paper Book to Kindle I have been hooked. My kindle is amazing for beach/pool reading or just reading when you don’t want any distractions like email, Instagram, texting…. I also love the new kindles which have a great night light for reading in the dark. Carryon

Ipad Mini: I always download a movie or a TV series (for a long international flight) just in case I don’t like what the airline offerings are. Also, that way if you’re delayed at the gate or on the runway (without the Airlines movies available) you have entertainment.


Computer: I can’t leave home without my Apple Mac Book Pro. Whatever your device is bring it and remember to charge it ahead of time. Also don’t pack your computer cord (if you check).  I’ve done that before and run out of battery on the plane. 

Apple Computer

Cashmere throw: I never fly with out a scarf and the Louis Vuitton Monogram Silk Shawl is my favorite (I’m lucky, I wored at Louis Vuitton for two years so I have some snazzy products I adore). I use my Cashmere Throw as a blanket for long over night flights. 

Carry On Packing

Bottle of water: I’ve learned to always buy water, that way if they are slow with the drink service you always have your own water to stay hydrated.

Eye mask & earplugs: You’ll appreciate this when a crying baby prevents you from sleeping your entire flight! It also helps drain out the noise airplane noises. Sometimes I’ll try to take a sleeping pill and crash before we even take off.

Sunglasses: I always travel with shades, my go to are the Ray Ban Aviators.


Sleeping Pill: For any over night flight I always take a Lunesta. It’s amazing, helps me get a few good hours in. Otherwise I’m such a light sleeper I land exhausted and not ready to begin my vacation or work (if it’s business travel).

Fold able reusable tote or checkable duffel bag: These are great if you buy items on a trip and run out of room for your return. Or if you prefer to put the extra items in your second carry on above you (that you don’t need accessible during the flight) this is what the second bag is convenient for.

For Overnight Flights:

Socks: That way you can get cozy and sleep well without worrying about being cold.

A pillow: Even the inflatable ones do the trick even if you feel a bit nerdy using it!

The cashmere throw: The Louis Vuitton Monogram Silk Shawl mentioned above, or a small fleece blanket is great.

Comfy pants/sweatshirt:  My favorite Athleta City Jogger Pants are a great go to and any cozy long sleeve sweatshirt or fleece type of jacket to stay warm and cozy while sleeping.

The Perfect Travel Outfit:

Jeans or comfy pants: My go to jeans are the Gap 1969 Always Skinny Jeans or the cozy Athleta City Jogger Pants.

Ballet Flats: They’re easy to take on/off for security or Boots (for the Winter) with socks (even better so you’re not in care feet during security). The JCrew Suede Ballet Flats are great, I have them in various colors and they’re super comfy and go from casual to dressy depending on what you’re wearing.

T-Shirt: My fav is JCrew Vintage Tee and I wear it under a sweater/top (good to have layers to adjust to plane temperature).

Scarf/cashmere throw: Great for layering if you get cold on the flight also an ideal pillow.

Cozy Socks:  As noted above for over night flights.  I LOVE the Brooke Stone Fleece socks which are great to cozy up while sleeping or for longer flights.

A coat: You don’t mind folding up and stuffing in the over head above you. 

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