Chef Curtis Stone Bloody Mary Shake Off At Pebble Beach Food & Wine

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a fan of Chef Curtis Stone.  What is there not to love? With his adorable Australian accent, pleasant, upbeat personality and his cooking skills it’s hard not to think the guy is fabulous.  He’s also a family man married with two kids making him that much more of a great guy!

During Pebble Beach Food & Wine I attended a cooking demonstration led by Chef Curtis Stone.  After demonstrating to the audience how he makes a Bloody Mary he asked for a few volunteers to help with a Bloody Mary Shake off. Creating a Bloody Mary by the side of legendary Chef Curtis Stone. Of course I was dying to be selected and somehow (possibly my front row seat) I was chosen!! Below you’ll find shots of the cooking demonstration he led as well as the video of the Bloody Mary Shake Off.

Chef Curtis and I met a few years ago at the South Beach Food & Wine Festival (shot below) so you can imagine my excitement when I learned he would be at Pebble Beach Food & Wine 2015. 

Chef Curtis Stone

You’ll have to watch to see who won, me or my competitor Cameron. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer partner in the Shake Off as I am not that familiar with a Bloody Mary recipe (as you’ll see) and Cameron was sharing pointers for the recipe. I hope you enjoy the video! 




The amazingly talented and adorable Food & Wine Editor Dana Cowin introducing Chef Curtis Stone



Me and Lindsay, aka The Lunch Belle, one of my besties and a fellow food blogger I attended Pebble Beach Food & Wine with. 

I hope you enjoy watching the Bloody Mary Shake off. Warning, I have never been a bar tender so clearly do not know how to make a Bloody Mary. Enjoy! 

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