Uber EATS San Francisco Launches This Week!

Uber EATS  San Francisco Launches This Week!

Uber Eats San Francisco

For those of you hooked on Uber, which I’m guessing is most of us living in metropolitan cities you’ll be thrilled to hear that Uber just launched UberEATS in San Francisco, California. I attended a preview party on Monday evening for this Tuesdays launch and tried some of the food from participating restaurants which got me quite hungry and ready to place my UberEATS order! See some of the delicious food below as well as more information about UberEATS. 

Uber Eats San FranciscoThe delicious American Homestead Pork Shoulder Sandwich from Souvla SF. This is my favorite dish on their menu!

Uber Eats San FranciscoNopalito’s amazing Totopos con Chile. My go to order every time I’m at The Presidio Off The Grid. Soooo yummy!

Uber Eats San FranciscoIt was too hard to resist riding this adorable bike. And no I will sadly not be delivering your Uber Eats!

Some important details to know before you order UberEATS

Where is UberEATS offered? Currently UberEATS is available in San Francisco’s Financial District and Soma areas. For those of you like me dying to try this, just meet a friend for lunch in those areas, order delivery to a beautiful park and enjoy Uber Eats until they expand and deliver to your neighborhood.

Why is it not all over the city yet? Like any new launch UberEATS wants to get it perfect before expanding. Stay tuned, I would expect it to rapidly expand and be a huge success!

What can you order? Meals ranging from $8-$12 (plus a $3 service fee although the first month delivery is FREE) from participating restaurants including: Souvla, PabuNopalito, Ramen Bar, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, Stone’s Throw & Uno Dos Tacos.

When is it available? Monday – Friday from 11:00am – 2:00pm

How do you use the app? It’s easy.

Uber Eats San Francisco

1. Open your app (like you’d be requesting an Uber car)

2. Select the meal icon. That’s the icon that does not look like a car 🙂 

3. Type in your location

4. Add menu items to your card

5. Place order and your meal will be delivered within minutes! It’s that easy

Below are some images of what the site looks like and today and tomorrow’s menus. Enjoy and happy dining with Uber!!

Uber Eats San Francisco
Uber Eats San Francisco

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