Earning Rewards While Shopping With Your Favorite Retailers

Earning Rewards While Shopping

With Your Favorite Retailers

American Airlines Advantage eShopping –  I learned a few years ago about an amazing program through American Airlines Advantage eShopping that lets me earn miles for online shopping. You log into American Airlines (assuming you have an American Rewards #, if not sign up for one they’re free), and you search for the retailer you want to shop with and click their name. You’re then taken to their website and the purchases are tracked and depending on the miles per $ (it varies by retail) you get miles for your purchases. It’s truly ingenious. Lately I’ve gotten to the point I prefer to buy online for 1) the points 2) to avoid having to battle the crowds at the stores 3) to come and have my packages waiting at my doorstep.   This is just one of the many reward programs I take advantage of.

Read below to learn more of my JetSetting Fashionista Reward Earnings tricks. I hope you find this helpful and feel free to email me if you have any other ideas or suggestions for this list!! Thanks, XO Emily

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Traveling with Points

Starbucks – One of my favorite reward programs is the Starbucks Gold Program. Most people are buying a Starbucks drink once or twice a week, if not more. So why not earn a free drink after every 12 purchase you make? It’s really that easy. All you need to do is buy a gift card, register it online, then once you’ve hit the gold level (have bought 30 drinks or eats) you’ are a Starbucks Gold Card Member!  A few tips to help get to gold faster…. Make each purchase separately. So if you’re buying a pastry, bottle of water and a coffee ask they ring each item separately to earn three stars vs. just one star if you rang them together. The line may not like you but it’s worth it when you quickly become a Gold Card Member…. See below for the official program details from Starbucks.com

Keep the Free Drinks & Eats Coming

Collect 30 Stars within 12 months and step up to the Gold level for one year. At Gold level you get:

– A free drink (including bottled items such as Evolution Fresh™ juices) or food item for every 12 stars

– A personalized Gold Card

– Special Offers just for you

Once you’re at Gold level it takes another 30 Stars to maintain Gold level for another 12 months. And since you get a free drink or food reward every 12 Stars, you get at least two rewards for just staying Gold!

Shopping & Earning Rewards Points

Favorite Local San Francisco Retail Reward Programs

Some of my favorite local San Francisco Retailers or Restaurants I frequent that also have awesome punch reward card programs I take advantage of are below. Happy dining and earning free rewards!

4505 Meats – For every $10 spent you get a stamp. Once you hit 10 stamps you earn a $10 tasty food credit. Locations include Embarcadero Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market, Mission Community Market, Divisadero Restaurant & Mission Butcher Shop. 

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Papolote SF – This has been voted best burritos in San Francisco and I frequent Papalote often so this card comes in handy for earning free burritos.  For every 10 burritos you receive a Regular Burrito (excludes Super Burrito). 3409 24th St & 1777 Fulton Street. SF, CA. 

photo 4

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Bi-Rite Ice Cream – Buy 10 ice cream products (a cone or a pint of ice cream) and get a single scoop for free (up to a $4.00 value). Mission and Divisadero locations. 

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