Nickel & Nickel Winery

Upon moving to San Francisco, one of the things I was most excited about, was my close proximity to California’s Wine Country.  I immediately started compiling a running list of must try Wineries to visit. That is how I found Napa Valley’s gorgeous Nickel & Nickel Winery.

IMG_0120Picturesque views of the front lawn (looking out from the main residence)



Upon arriving to Nickel and Nickel Jaimie and I were pleasantly greeted and asked to wait in the living room. The historic Nickel and Nickel Estate was so cozy you felt as if you were sitting in someone’s own home. That someone having very elegant, sophisticated taste with beautiful antiques and a fabulous interior design aesthetic.  A few minutes later, we were greeted by our Wine host and began the tour. We were taken to a historic barn where the wine maker works creating the delicious Nickel and Nickel wines. We were also taken to another barn, so gorgeous it felt like a beautiful working barn, without the mess!

IMG_0161The main residence where you check in and tastings are held after touring the grounds

Nickel & Nickel WineryThe living room/parlor where guests can lounge and wait before or after a tasting

IMG_0142Me and Jaimie outside the historic barn

IMG_0127The interior of the gorgeous historic barn that houses the wine making lab


We concluded the tour in the lower level of the same lovely estate we started. This is where we enjoyed the Wine Tasting paired with cheese. Since I had heard such amazing things about the winery, I was really expecting to be blown away by the overall experience. Not to say that the estate isn’t gorgeous, with delicious wines (well over $100 per bottle). However, I still have a hard time recommending a $65 tasting (that’s extremely high for tastings I’ve experienced) where I felt like there wasn’t anything about the visit or experience differentiating it from any other tasting. The host was very pleasant, but the wine tasting wasn’t very informative or educational and I was not blown away.  So, with mixed feelings I would say if you’re ok spending $65 on a delicious tasting and want to visit a beautiful winery that makes delicious wines, visit Nickel & Nickel. If, like me, you’re going to expect more than type of experience for $65, then Nickel & Nickel Winery may not be the best place for you. Have no fear though, as I have many other wineries to suggest with more reasonable tasting prices and delicious wines. Check out my list of California’s Top 10 Wineries. 8164 Saint Helena Highway, Napa, CA 94558. (707) 967-9600.

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