Hosting A Dinner Party With Kitchit Tonight

Have you ever wanted to host a dinner party but get discouraged by all the work coordinating the menu, grocery shopping, cooking, and of course the worse part, cleaning up! If so, and you LOVE to entertain Kitchit is perfect for you. A few reasons why you’ll love this amazing new service that just recently launched in San Francisco.

Kitchit Tonight

First, it’s super easy to book and coordinate. You visit their website, Kitchit Tonight put in the date you want to host and you see various available chefs.  The general price range is $39 per person.  Pretty awesome, I know!

Second, the Chef’s are very experienced, super friendly and accommodating throughout the meal.  My Chef (shown below) was super helpful offering suggestions during dinner of wine pairings with each course.

Kitchit Tonight

Chef Heidemann getting set up and preparing to cook dinner in my kitchen

Third, you literally won’t LIFT a finger except opening and closing the door as the Chef arrives and departs post meal!  The Chef’s show up at your house and either prep the meal there or do it before arriving (that was my case). Then upon arriving they prepare and cook the meal and voila dinner is served. It literally felt that easy and simple as the host.  They also clean up leaving your kitchen spotless. Amazing, right?!

Fourth, with my referral code you can earn a $25 credit. Not bad right! You’re welcome 🙂 Happy Kitchit Dining.

On the Kitchit Tonight website they describe the experience saying “With Kitchit Tonight, diners book a private chef who prepares their in-home dinner from start to finish, all for a fixed-price of $39 per person. “Kitchit provides an opportunity for guests to deepen their connections over an essential and social element – sharing a meal.” “We aren’t just serving food, we’re strengthening our community,” said Marshall, “The dining experience creates a unique opportunity in our busy lives to sit down and connect with those around the table.”

And who are the Chefs? “Vetted and professionally trained chefs at Kitchit Tonight coordinate the entire evening, from groceries to cleanup, allowing hosts to sit back and enjoy delicious food in the company of their family and friends.

How do you book this amazing concept? “Booking a Kitchit Tonight is easy. Simply go to or their mobile site and choose a menu and the number of friends attending. Kitchit Tonight is available Tuesday through Sunday, offering three signature menus that feature a starter, entrée and dessert. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are also available – all for the price of $39 per person. Menu options rotate on a weekly basis and also feature fresh and tasty kids meals available for $9 per child. Hosts have the ability to book a dinner for 2-12 people within two weeks of the event date and can book up to the same day at 1pm.

Kitchit TonightThe gorgeous vegetables spread the Chef brought with him

Kitchit Tonight

Kitchit TonightThese ingredients look so tasty it makes me want to experience Kitchit again soon…

Kitchit Tonight

Kitchit TonightThe Cheese & Charcuterie Plate which was the only dish I made all night!

Kitchit Tonight

IMG_6797Voila the meal is ready! Dinner was paired with delicious Napa Valley Cultivar Wine’s Sauvignon Blanc

Kitchit Tonight
Wok Fried Chinese Long Bean and Asparagus, Garlic, Ginger, Eggplant and Cashew

Kitchit TonightFlank Steak Medallions Lemongrass, Ginger, Soy-Chili, Cilantro and Scallions, Ponzu Demi Glace

Kitchit TonightBasil and Green Onion, Rice Noodles with Shrimp, Tomato Julienne Vegetable Coconut Green Curry Basil and Cilantro

Kitchit TonightArugula, Napa Cabbage, Shredded Papaya, Thai Chilies, Cherry Tomatoes, Kafir Lime-Rice Vinegar Fish Sauce Vinaigrette Mint

Kitchit TonightMirin and Miso Sole Filets, Sweet Chili Fish Stock Gastrique

If you decide to try Kitchit don’t forget to use my referral code and earn a $25 credit. Not bad right! 

DISCLOSURE: Emily The JetSetting Fashionista was given a complimentary dinner for herself and her 8 guests. However, The J.S.F. was not paid to write this post. Emily only write posts or features about food, hotels, products or destinations that she personally enjoys and proudly endorses and wants to share with her readers. All opinions expressed are her own.

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