Audi Driving Experience With Ram’s Gate Winery

Upon receiving an email from the Rams Gate Winery’s Wine Club, where I’m a member I thought I had misread the email.  It was inviting a select number of Rams Gate Winery Wine Club Members to enjoy an afternoon participating in the infamous Audi Sportscar Experience driving school followed by a Rams Gate Wine Tasting.  This was my dream come true. Being a former Audi car owner (I literally just traded in my Audi A4 for an SUV) I was beyond excited to attend this amazing afternoon (assuming I was one of the first few to RSVP since there was limited space). It turns out, I was, so it really was my lucky day.

After inviting a friend Kate to join me I was all set and ready for the amazing afternoon at Audi. As someone who’s been told numerous times (technically three times by the police with speeding tickets) that I have a lead foot this was my dream come true! On top of being able to drive a car extremely fast without worrying about breaking the law or getting a ticket, I was able to drive an Audi (one of my favorite car brands) at Sonoma’s very own Sonoma Raceway. I felt like a kid in a candy store as the excitement lead up to the big day at Audi Sportscar Experience.

Upon arriving we were greeted by the Rams Gate Team, welcomed by General Manager David Oliver and the Audi Sportscar Team. We were told there would be three segments including:

1. A practice driving/training course set up in the parking lot where we each drove an Audi TTS

2. Riding in an Audi R8 on the race track with the professionally trained Audi instructors (sadly we only rode during this portion we were not able to drive) but if you return for a full day course you can drive depending on which course you take.

3. Simulator practice which I found to be the hardest part. Here you practice on a large tv screen, driving a pretend car getting familiar with the race track and strategy.

Audi Sportscar Experience with Rams GateArriving to the racetrack


IMG_4625This is where the Simulator part of the school takes place and some race car storage

IMG_4640Pre driving school, I’m beyond pumped to be here and for the fun to be about to begin!

IMG_4656The “Boss Man” (my nick name) for Jeff, the Chief Audi Sportscar Experience Instructor who’s a super awesome guy!!

IMG_4659Part 1: This is where we drove the practice course then participated in a team relay race


IMG_4663The training and relay race course

IMG_4665 Boss Man explaining the course and tips for handling the cars

IMG_4666Interior of the Audi TTS. Surprisingly it’s automatic. I learned all race cars are automatic (some with tiptronics or handle shifting gears) so you can focus on the driving vs. shifting with your feet.

IMG_4670My turn with my partner in crime Kate driving the Audi TTS. About to let loose on the track, I couldn’t be MORE excited…..

IMG_4682And she’s off…..

IMG_4694Our team during the relay race (which we of course won!)

IMG_4707Part II.  The Audi R8 ride on the racetrack!

Audi Sportscar Experience & Fabulous Rams Gate Wines

RedAudiThe Audi R8 I rode in!!


IMG_4710My driver putting on the extremely hot and heavy (yet safe) helmet required for riding in the car

IMG_4711Me and David Oliver, Rams Gate General Manager and race car fan (the main reason we’re able to do this beyond amazing experience).

IMG_4714Part III. Simulator training. The hardest portion of the class and my least favorite (I miss the real cars!)


IMG_4716The Finale…. Time to celebrate and eat some delicious cheese, curated meets paired with Rams Gate tasty Wines

photo-10Fabulous Rams Gate Chardonnay (my personal favorite from Rams Gate)