The Best Champagne Half Bottles I Adore

If you’ve read some of my previous blog posts, you know I absolutely love champagne. From the cold and crisp first sip, to the taste of luxury in every glass. I have recently done a blog post on My Favorite Half Bottles of Wine, and thought it be perfect to do one on Champagne! Follow along and see my list for The Best Champagne Half Bottles I Adore.

If you’re new to trying Champagne and aren’t yet sure what to get, check out my blog post on How To Buy Champagne Like a Pro. 


I have been a fan of Billecart Salmon for quite some time. I have had the priverlate of meeting withCEO Mathieu Roland-Billecart and their Winemaker during my visit to their beautiful Maison. Check out my blog post on the Best Champagne Maisons I’ve Visited here. Their wines are absolutely delicious and a must try. It’s also a brand that anytime I ask a Sommelier what their favorite brands are the Billecart-Salmon comes up as it’s still family owned and they produce STUNNING wines.

Wine Half Bottles

Watch my interview with Billecart-Salmon Winemaker & CEO below!


When I’m in the mood for California Sparkling Wine, Chandon is always one of my go to’s. If you’re a Sparkling Wine lover (like me) you’ll enjoy my Best California Sparkling Wines Blog post here.

Their Sparkling Wine half is perfect for me and I drink them all the time as a daily bottle when I want some bubbles which pair perfectly with popcorn (my favorite movie & tv snack).  The Chandon Sparkling Rosé is perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Check out the Chandon website here.

Champagne Half Bottles


I’ve had a long relationship of loving and adoring Krug, which is why it was a must in including them in the Best Champagne Half Bottles. I was even lucky enough to have a tour at the Fabulous Krug Cellar in Reims, France.

Champagne Half Bottles

I always get so excited when two things I love are paired together. The Assembly San Francisco featured Krug Wine Tasting which was amazing and you can read on my blog.

Champagne Half Bottles

Laurent Perrier

Laurent Perrier has an amazing style and consistency combining the traditional and new ways of champagne. The Laurent Perrier Cuvée Rosé is delicious and you have to add this to your list. Read about my visit to Maison Laurent Perrier in Champagne, France on the blog here!

Champagne Half Bottles

Moet & Chandon

Moet & Chandon is one of the most popular Champagnes for a reason. Their champagne wines never disappoint, making this one of the best Champagne Half Bottles to try. You must try it yourself to taste luxury as you sip the amazing Moet & Chandon!

Champagne Half Bottles

Roederer Estate

When I think of California Sparkling Wines, Roederer Estate is usually one of the first brands that come to mind. I am a fan of their Brut and is one of my favorite in California. I had the privilege to visit Roederer Estate and meet their winemaker Arnaud and spend a few hours visiting the winery and seeing how their wines are made. Read more about Roederer Estate on my blog here!

Champagne Half Bottles


I had to add the Taittinger Rosé Champagne to this list because it is so delicious. Perfect for your dinner get togethers or your summer picnics, you’ll need to have this handy. Check out the Taittinger website here to purchase your own!

Champagne Half Bottles

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