The Fremont Diner The Best Dining In Sonoma

The Fremont Diner  is the best spot in Sonoma for delicious Southern comfort food with a laid back chill vibe.   The atmosphere is charming with a cozy indoor dining feel to it and a ton of outdoor picnic style seating when the weather permits.  Every time I visit I try something else and I have to say everything I’ve experienced is amazing. A few of my favorites include the burger, biscuit, pulled pork sandwich, mac and cheese.  2698 Fremont Dr, Sonoma, CA. (707) 938-7370.

The inside of the diner

IMG_5242The outside seating area. So cool and casual with picnic table seating

Fremont DinerThe beer & drink car

Fremont Diner

Fremont DinerThe must try Biscuit with jam

Fremont DinerThe Pulled Pork sandwich and Mac and Cheese

IMG_1223The Spicy Fried Chicken with Mac’N Cheese

Fremont DinerThe amazing Pulled Pork Sandwich

IMG_1220Corn Bread with Honey

photo 4The Bachelorette Party Lunch stop at Fremont (it’s a great spot for groups or a small group)



4 Responses
  • Jackie
    June 22, 2014

    Love this place!! Nothing like a burger and milk shake to keep you energized for a day of wine tasting!

    • JSFashionista
      June 22, 2014

      Jackie, thanks for sharing. I agree, a visit to Fremont Diner is a MUST on any wine tasting trip!!

  • Julie
    June 22, 2014

    This spot is so charming – and delicious. It’s bursting with energy from the other patrons and such a perfect re-fueling spot.

  • tiffanie
    June 22, 2014

    This place was so cute and charming — definitely a unique experience anyone visiting the area must see!

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