Zeel Massage On Demand The Best Massage Without Leaving Your Doorstep

Zeel Massage On Demand

The Best Massage Without Leaving Your Doorstep

Massage on Demand

What is Zeel On Demand and why am I so excited about it: I recently discovered one of the best finds.  It’s Zeel massage on demand which is a fabulous massage service in the comfort of your own home.  It sounds too good to be true, right? Well after using the app and having a fabulous massage without leaving my door stop, I can attest that it’s real and it’s fabulous! 

Massage on Demand

Where is it offered: Currently, Zeel is in 14 cities and their surrounding areas including, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Palm Springs, San Diego, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Tampa, New York City, Boston, and Chicago.

See how it works: Below are screen shots of the app/website showing you how easy this service is for you to enjoy!


Zeel Massage
Zeel Massage

What’s in it for YOU: As a J.S.F. reader, Zeel has been generous enough to share a $25 off coupon for any new zeel users.  When you’re requesting your massage online or in the app, input the code JSF25 which is good for $25 off one massage for first time Zeel users. This is also a fabulous gift idea for other massage lovers you may know.

Who else LOVES Zeel: Not just the J.S.F., Zeel has gotten a ton of fabulous press, see for yourself below!

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 8.22.24 AM

Check out my experience using Zeel in my own home: The Zeel masseuse comes to your house, brings a massage table (unless you have one) and you receive a massage in the comfort of your own home. See below for my fabulous masseuse Esther and how easy the set up was in my living room.

IMG_9587My fabulous masseuse Esther who I adored

IMG_9584The set up in my living room. Beyond easy and so comfortable you don’t even have to put your shoes on!

How much does it cost: The Zeel pricing is comparable to what you’d pay at a Spa, however, you don’t have to get in your car, drive to the spa, park and deal with all that hassle.   In San Francisco a 60 minute massage is $110 plus a $19.80 tip (18%) totaling $129.80 (with the therapist bringing the massage table since most of us do not have a massage table handy at home!). 90 minute massage $150 plus a $27 (18% tip) $177.

Gifting Zeel: Zeel makes a fabulous gift too. Visit the website for more gifting detailsMassage

What’s in it for you as a J.S.F. Reader: Lucky for you, as a JSF reader you can save $25 off your first massage. Just use the CODE: JETSF and enjoy. Happy massaging!

DISCLOSURE: The JetSetting Fashionista enjoyed a complimentary massage from Zeel.  However, The J.S.F. only write posts about products that she personally enjoys and proudly endorses. All opinions expressed are her own. 

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