Bear Watching In Alaska

Bear Watching In Alaska

Haines Chilkoot River

If you’re planning a trip to Alaska in the SouthEast area, be sure to check out Haines Alaska which is known for their Brown & Black Bear population. About 30 minutes from Haines you’ll find the best bear watching at The Chilkoot River. The Chilkoot River flows from Chilkoot Lake into Lutak Inlet and is one of the most easily reached bear viewing spots in Southeast Alaska from mid-June to October. Be sure to pack a camera as you’ll want to get some pictures of the bears if you’re lucky enough to spot them! Chilkook River, Haines Alaska. 

Bear Watching In AlaskaThe scenic Chilkook Lake within walking distance of the Chilkook River

DSC_0338The Chilkoot River, people on one side watching the bears across the river



Bear Watching In Alaska




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