My Favorite Beauty Products For This Year’s Holiday Gifts

Holidays are the PERFECT time to share gifts including beauty products one can’t live without. Below is my Annual Holiday Beauty Gift Guide including some of my favorite Beauty staples as well as some new and exciting products I’ve recently discovered I want to share with you. Read more about the Best Beauty & Fashion Gifts below!

A Fore Beauty

A Fore Beauty is a brand I recently learned about and have been trying for over a month. So far I’ve loved the results I’ve seen. The cleanser is extremely light and not overdrying, the AO Moisturizer Complete is a rich cream that’s perfect for the dry winter months and the C Scrub Lemon Body Scrub is also great to exfoliate during winter and keep skin fresh. Read more about A Fore Beauty below and learn about a great Holiday Gift Set where you get all 3 products plus a donation is made to Dr. Few’s Foundation another element of this brand I adore that they support Chicago Children in need.

Receive all three A Fore Beauty products ($275.00 value), plus a free Aforé bag for $225.00. For each purchase made, $25.00 will also be donated to Dr. Few’s foundation, the Few Initiative for Children, which provides Chicago’s disadvantaged youth with financial support and academic programs to encourage life-long success.


AO CleanserYour skin will be mistletoe ready with the AO Cleanser, a gentle, soap-free cleanser that thoroughly removes makeup, excess oil, and environmental pollutants without over-drying. Packed with soothing antioxidants and botanicals to hydrate and protect the skin, this cleanser works for retinol users and those with a sensitive complexion. The AO Cleanser thoroughly removes makeup, excess oil, and environmental pollutants while providing hydration for the skin.  Ideal for normal to dry skin types.

AO Moisture Complete: Top off your winter-y routine with Moisture Complete, a rich facial cream formulated with green tea leaf extract, aloe, squalane, and hyaluronic acid. This luxurious moisturizer is perfect for colder months and will reveal visibly hydrated, firmer-looking skin.  This rich, luxurious facial cream provides instant, soothing moisture. Green tea leaf extract, aloe, squalane, and hyaluronic acid come together in a rich emollient formula perfect for dry to normal skin, or for those who prefer a heavier moisturizer. After applying this cream, skin is visibly hydrated, wrinkles are softened, and skin appears firmer. Formulated for normal to dry skin types. 

C Scrub Lemon Body Scrub:  This thick, lemon vitamin C scrub removes dead skin cells, excess oils, and residue to reveal healthier, younger-looking skin. Naturally lemon-scented and made with antioxidants, this scrub invigorates and revitalizes your skin. C-Scrub is designed for use on the body. Formulated for normal to oily skin.

Afore Beauty Gift Set

Basil & Birch Soap Co.

Basil & Birch Soap Co is a fabulous locally owned Sonoma Brand I discovered made by my friend Cathy Shapiro. The products are all-natural and after using the chap-stick for a few weeks I’m hooked. It leaves your lips feeling super moist, rich, and never drying as I find with some chap sticks. I also love the Lemon Body Scrub which both cleans, moisturizes and exfoliates.

Basil & Birch Soap Co.

Basil & Birch Soap Co.


Looking for a skin regimin for your face that both moisturizes and helps with anti-aging? Try the Defenage Ultra Neck Perfection Treatment. This neck + decolletage focused set includes DefenAge’s NEW 6-Week Neck Perfection Cream as well as a mega size of the brand’s best-selling 8-in-1 BioSerum – tech-advanced ant-aging cream (1.5 oz) and a mega size 1-Step Multi Cleanse (5 oz).  This great beauty set is $237 (30% savings vs. buying items individually) at after login.  I’ve been using these for a few weeks now and loving how clear my skin is and also how bright and moist it’s looking and feeling with the moisturizer and serums the kit includes.

Thermaderm LUXE-kit_v1For All Cares: Beauty with CBD

As I’ve been experimenting more with CBD and Cannabis I was thrilled to discover For All CBD Beauty. The products I’ve tried have been great and a few favorites I recommend include the below.

Head Balance Exfoliating Scalp Treatment: This treatment works miracles on a dry scalp. It suggests leaving in for 5 mins or so but I leave in overnight and the next day my scalp is back to normal with regular moisture and not that over dry feeling (which I got after a week in hot dry Arizona).

For All Cares CBD Products

Foot & Body Cream: This is another product I’ve used religiously for a few months now and it keeps my feet super moist without the dry callus my feet tend to get. Purchase online here.

For All Cares CBD Products

Jonathan Adler MR. & MRS. Candle & Diffuser

As you probably know by now Jonathan Adler is a brand I adore for home decor. I have partnered with them hosting a shopping event at their San Francisco Boutique and basically anything they make I usually dream of having in my home. When I learned of their newest collaboration with Maison Berger I immediately knew I had to have a set! Read more below.

Maison Berger and Jonathan Adler come together with their limited edition collection of high-end home fragrance rituals. Maison Berger Paris’ one-of-a-kind scents blend with the bold universe and craftsmanship of Jonathan Adler. This collaboration gives birth to two collections both inspired by the designer’s iconic style. Each collection and scent have been crafted to bring Modern American Glamour to any interior.

Jonathan Adler

THE Mr. & Mrs. COLLECTION pops with its bold graphic interplay between black and white and pays tribute to the genius of Salvador Dalí—a strong source of inspiration for Adler—representing his mustache, and to his muse, Misia Sert, representing her lips.

Jonathan Adler

Gray Lane Mascara

Gray Lane is a brand that my friend, female Founder Layne Gray created offering a Mascara Subscription quarterly, what a brilliant idea, right?  Read more about her story below and sign up for your quarterly subscription here.

Gray Lane Beauty, Layne Gray

Founder, Layne Gray, was getting ready for an event that Friday evening. She doesn’t wear a lot of make-up but mascara is a must, whether to a black-tie gala or out to the ski slope. Sure, each of those activities dictate different styles of mascara, but that, too, is a factor in why she created Gray Lane Beauty.

That Friday her favorite mascara wasn’t providing a lot of coverage. She checked for the expiration date on the tube which, surprisingly, did not exist.

Later that evening Layne went to the Ladies Room and was aghast when looking in the mirror and seeing little dots of mascara under her eyes. She tried to rub the flakes away but some got into her eyes which started burning, turning the whites of her eyes red.  She figured there had to be a better way… So she started Gray Lane Beauty.

Gray Lane Beauty Shop Mascaras

The assortment of full size mascara’s are endless! Shop them all here.

Gray Lane Beauty Shop Mascaras

Gray Lane also offers Travel Size Mascara’s which are the cutest. I keep this in my make up bag in my purse and also my make up bag for travel. Much easier to have a small one vs. the larger size for travel.  Shop the travel size Gray Lane Mascara’s here.


This year Theraderm is making giving the gift of great skin easy, affordable and customizable. With not one, but two, skincare sets on promotion, you’re sure to find the right gift for just about anyone on your list.

Skin Renewal Gift Set: Theraderm Skin Renewal System – A 4-step daily regimen that comes with your choice of three moisturizers that target separate concerns. Each step in this system enhances the last, making this system a complete package and easy enough for anyone to follow.

  • Cleansing Wash: This gentle, soap-free cleanser works great on the entire body, including your hair and scalp!
  • Fruit Acid Exfoliant: This product promotes the shedding of dull, dead skin for a smooth complexion.
  • OPC Reparative Serum: This powerful antioxidant serum is 20x more effective than Vitamin C as a free radical scavenger.
  • Choose one of three great moisturizers: Choose between the Peptide Hydrator Moisturizer, Enriched Facial Moisturizer, or Gentle Facial Moisturizer. These targeted moisturizers make this set perfect for anyone, with any skin type and of any age!

Thermaderm Skin Renewal 1 clean

Thermaderm Anti Aging System

Anti Aging Gift Set: Looking to level up on your anti-aging this year? Theraderm has yet another option for the holidays. Theraderm Anti-Aging System features all of the benefits of the Skin Renewal System but instead of a moisturizer, you’ll get the award-winning Eternox Peptide Crème, which is clinically proven to diminish up to 40% of laxity in skin, visibly reducing wrinkles.

The Anti-Aging System, normally $230.00, will also include an additional OPC Reparative Serum (normally $81.00) and will be available for $250.00.

Receive Theraderm’s limited holiday bag with the purchase of either set.

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