The Best Gin Brands To Stock Your Bar With!

For those of you that enjoy drinking something a little bit harder opposed to my usual wine blogs, you’re going to want to keep reading. Whether you’re drinking it straight, or stirring up a cocktail, Gin is my go to spirit and I typically order a Gin Gimlet at any bar or hotel bar for that matter if I want to see how great the mixologist is. It’s what I love the most (and drink the most) so is great to use as a benchmark for quality and cocktail-making style whenever I go! If you’re curious what other Spirits I love, check out my Best Spirits Brands blog post here.  Continue reading below to see The Best Gin Brands To Stock Your Bar With.

Ada Lovelace Gin

The Family Coppola have hand-crafted one of the best spirit brands right here in California. Paying homage to the English-style gins of Lady Ava Lovelace’s era, this gin is top tier. Inspired by the past, present, and future, you’ll have to try this local gem.

Best Gin Brands

Check out their website here to try the great Ada Lovelace Gin.

Alley 6

Alley 6 is an amazing, local Sonoma-based gin. They are a small batch hand-crafted distillery and they’re family owned too! Every part of the process is done right here at the distillery in Healdsburg, Sonoma County. I discovered this delicious Alley 6 on a recent dinner out in Healdsburg and it’s become one of my go-to’s.

Alley 6 Gin

Alley 6 Gin
Gordon’s Pink Gin

If you prefer a fruitier gin then look no further than Gordon’s Pink Gin. Gordon’s started creating gin over 250 years ago and they have mastered it. Their Pink Gin is perfect for strawberry and raspberry lovers, or to make a fun cocktail. But if red berries aren’t your thing, don’t worry, Gordon’s have a range of flavored gins including Sicilian Lemon!

Harahorn Norwegan Gin

I recently discovered this delicious gin on my latest trip to Norway, to visit my family so keep an eye out for some Norway-themed blogs soon! Harahorn is also the name of a Norwegian Mountain that rises into the northern light-filled sky. These gins are absolutely delicious and there’s a style for everyone, from dry and herby to light and fruity. Harahorn gins are small batch and handcrafted which is absolutely amazing! Of course I had to bring plenty back for my gin collection.

Harahorn Gin by Norway

Hendricks Gin

Invented by William Grant & Sons at the Girvan distillery in Scotland, Hendricks Gin is that classic spirit for your favorite mixed drinks. This is a great product to have handy whether you’re craving a classic Gin & Tonic, or another mixed cocktail. Check out Hendricks Gin on the website here.

Best Gin Brands

Hendricks Gin even has Gin infused with Cucumber. Perfect for your summer cocktails. If you’re looking for more drinks for the summer, check out my blog post on Best Sparkling Wines.

Juniper Gin

From the flavors of the juniper berries, Juniper Gin is one of the best spirits to include in your kitchen. This brand is popular among all of Europe and has one of the finest gin tastes. Check out the Flaviar website here.

Best Gin Brands

Junípero Gin by Anchor Distilling

I adore London-style dry gin and Junípero is a fantastic example of a handcrafted gin, and it’s fairly local too. Anchor Distilling create this gorgeous gin right here in San Francisco and this means this gin was one of the first Post-Prohibition craft gins made in the USA.

Junípero Gin by Anchor Distilling

Martin Miller’s Gin

Martin Miller’s Gin is widely recognized as the world’s first ‘super premium’ gin. It has consistently won more awards for excellence in the world’s leading spirit competitions than any other gin in the last 15 years. The highest quality aided by the purest Icelandic water, this classic spirit is a must in your collection. Check out the Martin Miller’s Gin website here.

Best Spirit Brands

Add some fruits to enhance the classic and pure gin flavor.

Monkey 47 Gin

Monkey 47  is distilled and handcrafted in Germany’s Black Forest. Their gin includes 47 hand-selected plant ingredients to create a beautifully complex gin that can’t be missed. Head over to the Monkey 47 website here to start discovering their creations.

 Sipsmith Gin

With the motto, “Smoother than a swan’s glide,” this London-based gin is delicious. Sipsmith Gin is beautifully crafted and properly made with care. Check out the Sipsmith website here to get your wonderfully curated spirits.

Best Gin Brands


The Sipsong Indira Gin tells a story with every sip. Aromas of Italian Juniper, lavender, line, Moroccan sweet orange, and a pink peppercorn finish. The Indira Gin has even won the double gold at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Best Spirit Brands

Best Spirit Brands

Purchase your own bottle of Sipsong on their website here.

Tanqueray Gin

Tanqueray is a must-have gin. Created in the 1830s by Charles Tanqueray and perfected over years this is a staple gin and every gin lover will know it well. They have a great range of styles and flavors so there’s a bottle for everyone. They even have a section on their website to show you how to make some delicious cocktails with their products!

Time Anchor Distillery

The Mirari from Time Anchor Distillery is crafted with pink grapefruit, Damask Roses, and then gently infused with natural Rose Water. It is the perfect Millennial Gin and is such a beautiful bottle. Be sure to take some pictures with this one!

Best Spirit Brands

Best Spirit Brands

This gin is perfect for your summer cocktails, be sure to stock up now!

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