Kansas City’s James Beard Award Winning Bluestem Restaurant

Kansas City’s James Beard Award Winning

Bluestem Restaurant

After concluding my Route 66 Road Trip with dear friend Katherine, we arrived to Kansas City (K.C.). You may be wondering, why Kansas City? Katherine grew up here and her fabulous parents still live here so after packing up and leaving San Francisco K.C. was her next stop.  With only 24 hours to explore and eat my way through K.C., Katherine and her parents were sure to show me the best Kansas City had to offer.  Mrs. Holland said Bluestem Restaurant was the spot to visit! She explained they have a fabulous casual bar/walk in area as well as a more formal dining room so we could choose between the two.

Upon arriving, I immediately fell in love! The restaurant has such charm and character you don’t want to leave. We all agreed, the casual, walk in side would be perfect to dine at.  The Hollands immediately spotted one of the Chef’s/Co Owners Megan who came over to say hello!  This small-town (or small city I should say) experience is so comforting. I love seeing a familiar face, getting to chat with the Chef about the restaurant and just the intimate treatment you get at a restaurant like that.

After meeting Chef Megan we started on some cocktails and ordered our food. Katherine and I decided to share the Shrimp & Grits as well as a Roasted Chicken. Wow! For someone not sure if they’re a grits lover, I left converted! The Grits paired with the tasty shrimp was divine. The next course, the Roasted Chicken with Pasta and brocolli was also amazing.  It seems you couldn’t go wrong here and everything is delicious. We decided to share a chocolate dessert which was also delicious. Our table was next to the open dessert kitchen (also great so you can watch the Pastry Chef work during your meal) so I met the Pastry Chef Jessica (shown below) who was a doll! I also helped myself to their delicious caramels (when they’re sitting out on display how can you not?) which may have been my most favorite item of the night! 

As evident, I loved dining with Bluestem. Not only because their James Beard Award Winning food is delicious but also because their service was excellent and it was an overall fabulous experience. To me, that is what dining is about. Great food, excellent service, fabulous company and a fun experience you’re dying to return back to. Thanks again Bluestem for making this K.C. dinner a truly memorable visit. See you next time! 900 Westport Rd, Kansas City, MO 64111. (816) 561-1101.

Bluestem Kansas City

Kansas City's Bluestem

Bluestem BrasserieThe husband and wife team who own Bluestem. Chef Megan & Colby Carrelts

Bluestem BrasserieDry Aged Ribeye

IMG_5020The delicious Shrimp & Grits, my FAVORITE dish of the evening

Bluestem BrasserieButternut Squash Soup

Kansas City's BluestemThe Chicken with Pasta & Brocolli

Kansas City's Bluestem Pastry Chef Jessica Armstrong who is a doll and extremely talented!

Kansas City's BluestemThe home-made caramels that I’m obsessed with

IMG_5040Me and Pastry Chef Jessica exploring the bakery kitchen

Kansas City's Bluestem

Kansas City's BluestemThe delicious Chocolate Dessert

Kansas City's BluestemThe group: Katherine, Cameron, Mrs. Holland, me and Mr. Holland

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