Caribbean: Turks & Caicos Where To Stay, Club Med

Turks & Caicos Where To Stay, Club Med.

For my sister Lise and my new brother in law’s wedding celebration they took 26 close friends and immediate family to Club Med Turks & Caicos for 4 nights. This was my 4th visit to Club Med Turks and the best yet. What a perfect place to celebrate the marriage of the new bride and groom in an intimate, gorgeous, fun setting. A few highlights of Turks and why I’d suggest you go there for your next warm weather getaway

Turks & Caicos Where To StayThe AMAZING Turquoise Ocean

Most gorgeous ocean I’ve ever seen (ties with Belize). It is called Turks (Turquoise) because of this. While snorkeling I learned there are 3 reasons for this.

1. Water’s clarity causes the beautiful turquoise color

2. The close proximity Turks & Caicos is to the equator

3. The light-colored (almost white) sand contributes to the clear turquoise color

Amazing snorkeling and diving. Apparently Turks is known for their great barrier reefs (similar to Belize) so it’s a diver and snorkelers paradise

Jojo the local dolphin As long as I have visited Turks (for the past 15 years) the locals and Club Med team’s have talked about Jojo the dolphin. He’s very unique as he’s the only known dolphin in the world that lives alone. He’s the most studied dolphin because of this fact. During my most recent visit to Turks as me and 3 others were sailing into the beach we realized Jojo was trailing our boat. It was the most exciting feeling to have Jojo swimming behind our hobe cat (For about 10 minutes or so). He is also known to love women so having 3 of the 4 sailors female may have helped.



IMG_2122Me and my brother-in-law (not the groom) but other B.I.L. Chris

IMG_2217Family photo with the Bride & Groom

IMG_2260The Bride & Groom

IMG_2290 Awesome Sunset views

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