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San Francisco, California’s La Urbana Restaurant

As a huge Mexican food lover I was thrilled when La Urbana opened in my favorite neck of the woods, Nopa. Between La UrbanaNopaBi-Rite and The Page Bar (my favorite dive bar in San Francisco) I was in heaven.  

Immediately after La Urbana opened Mexican Dinner Club (M.D.C.) visited for dinner.  And, yes you read that correctly I’m in a Mexican Dinner Club which I actually co-founded in New York City a few years ago.  Since three of the founding members have relocated from New York City, M.D.C. is now in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Houston.

We quickly saw that La Urbana wasn’t your typical Mexican Restaurant. First, they don’t serve Salsa. I was appalled as that’s one of my favorite Mexican staples. They also don’t serve Guacamole. Another no no.  Besides those unusual hiccups which I got over,  the food was delicious and I have since been back to visit their lively bar scene for a drink and nibble on their tasty appetizers. Prepare yourself for high-end Mexican Food, there are no burritos, tacos or predictable mexican favorite’s (at least for me who likes casual Mexican those are my favs!).  The menu definitely caters to Mexican Food “Snobs”.   Don’t get me wrong, it is delicious food, just not the down to earth authentic taco & burrito shop Mexican food I’m used to and love. 

La Urbana quickly addressed the need for something more casual opening El Mercado Urbano (The Garage). Read more about that on my El Mercado Urbano (The Garage) review.

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Where To Eat La Urbana, San Francisco

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