Casablanca Chile’s Casa Botha Art Cafe

Casa Botha Art Café was hands down the best meal I experienced in Chile. By best meal, I mean the most amazing, fresh, local, culinary experience led by David, the most divine host.  Our wine tour guide suggested we try this Café after wine tasting at Bodegas RE Winery which he promised we’d love. He was right! After meeting the owner David and his wife Carmen Botha it was hard not to feel right at home. The moment David greets you he sits down with you and gets to know you before asking what you like then explaining the menu is a surprise. The cuisine is a combination of Chilean and Italian. For someone that’s usually specific about what I want to try (that someone being me) on a menu this was a very fun and relaxing experience.

The food was exceptional. We started with a charcuterie, cheeses and nuts plate which we devoured. We then had tuna tartare which was fabulous and full of flavor. For the main course we had 2 pastas and a Steak Frites. The pastas were a gnocchi (one of their signature dishes) and a delicious ravioli. It sounds like a big lunch, but after a morning of wine tasting with another visit after lunch it was the perfect meal

The best part of the meal aside from the spectacular food was hanging out with owner David, meeting his team and just enjoying the entire experience of Cafe Botha. The experience included a relaxing afternoon on a relaxing patio with gorgeous views, great company, fabulous food and delicious local wines. The Cafe was built by David with historic hardwoods and artifacts recovered from demolished houses from Santiago and Valparaiso to create a country feel.

On top of the amazing food he has a spectacular wine list. Little did we know lunch would include wine tastings and pairings with more than 10 wines (from wineries we hadn’t visited during our wine day). As I said, this is a must experience in Casablanca. Not only for the food but because of David’s extensive wine knowledge and collection he happily shares with his guests. This is what true hospitality really is. I highly recommend you dine at Casa Botha Art Cafe when you have the chance to visit Casablanca Chile. You will not regret it and fall in love with the restaurant, the food, the team and the experience as much as we did!! Ruta 68, Km 63 Calle Local. 56-9-74312040.

Casa Botha

Casa Botha

Casa Botha

Casa BothaThe interior dining room


Casa BothaThe bar with an extensive wine collection

Casa BothaThe stunning patio views where we dined

Casa Botha

Casa BothaThe charcuterie, nuts & cheese plate

Casa BothaTuna Tartar & The Charcuterie Plate

Casa BothaMe and our fabulous host David

Casa Botha

DSC_1089_4Delicious Ravioli

DSC_1092_4The Gnocchi, Ravioli and Steak Frites


DSC_1115_3Chef Camen, David and two other Chef’s on the team

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