San Francisco: California Traci Des Jardin’s The Commissary

San Francisco, California. Traci Des Jardin’s The Commissary

When I’m not traveling I’m out and about in San Francisco trying the newest Restaurant, Wine Bars or Cocktail hot spot.  After 11 living in New York for 11 years, I’m constantly wanting a spot  with the New York energy, awesome food & cocktails, and a scene that energizes me.  The Commissary,  a new Presidio restaurant by award-winning Chef Traci Des Jardins that features Spanish-influenced California cuisine is just that. Amazing food. Awesome scene. A fabulous team.  All in a charming Presidio location.   And, the Presidio is essentially in my back yard since I live in Pacific Heights.  What’s more perfect than a fabulous restaurant close to home!!

The Commissary – After reading about the hype of The Commissary  I was ecstatic when it finally opened.  I was even more ecstatic to score a reservation for dinner with my Mom and my dear friend Katherine.  The Commissary seemed perfect for the occasion. I made a reservation “requesting” the Chef’s counter (It’s a request since they can’t guarantee the Chef’s Counter you can just request and hope). Upon arriving and checking in we were told there would be a bit of a wait. I had expected this since the Chef’s Counter is always hard to score at restaurants . We all agreed it was worth the wait to be able to witness the creating firsthand.  Luckily, an old friend Malcolm (or a restaurant pal I should say) was taking fabulous care of us so when I realized the General Manager Malcolm was helping make the Chefs Counter happen I knew we were in good hands.  We were seated at the corner spot of the Chef’s Counter (Spots #1, 2 & 3 which I later learned are the best seats because of the prime kitchen views and the privacy of the corner seats).   We had a view of the entire Kitchen and the two hot Chefs (as in the Chef’s that prepare Hot Dishes); Chef Eric and Chef Preston.  After meeting Eric & Preston I soon realized not only was this going to be a fabulous tasting meal but also very engaging and fun. Both Eric & Preston were working extremely diligently, but also engaging us replying to questions and requests.  You have to give the Chefs props as on open Kitchen complicates their job tremendously. Not only are they expected to create fabulous food, they are also facing distractions from the Dining Room and Guests just a few inches away.

Overall, the food was amazing. Between the three of us we tried a ton. We started with a simple yet deliciously Fresh Green Salad, a Diced Beet Appetizer with Cheese, a Fried Pea & Cheese Ball (unexpectedly one of my favorites), White Beans with Diced Tomatoes, Cauliflower and two Entrees: The Steak & Chicken (loved them both equally and will definitely order again if they’re still on the menu next time).  After consulting with the Pasty Chef we chose (or shall I saw the Birthday Girl) chose the Chocolate Fondant for dessert. Also amazing, no surprise….

I’m thrilled to report that what I thought would be a one time visit to a fabulous new hot spot close to home became me falling in love with a new neighborhood gem. A gem with fabulous food, an exciting lively scene, and an awesome team lead by a legendary chef. The only way to top this visit would be to meet Chef Traci on another visit! A girl can always dream… 101 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94129. (415) 561-3600.


The Commissary Chef Traci Des Jardins chatting with some guests

IMG_9305The delicious tasty, fresh, simple salad. Love!


IMG_9308Tasty White Beans with Diced Tomatoes

IMG_9310Chef Preston making the Fried Balls. This was our view the entire meal since he was right in front of us. Such a gem!

IMG_9311Chef Eric, my hero (in person story on why he’s so amazing)

IMG_9315Chef Eric & Preston and the delicious Cauliflower

IMG_9316 Me & my Mom

IMG_9320Me, My Mom & Katherine celebrating my bday (2 days early)


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