Cascina San Michele Winery by Winemaker Marco Minnuci

During my 2023 Summer visit to Piemonte Italy with One on The Hill I had the pleasure of meeting Winemaker Marco Minnuci of Cascina San Michele Winery. Cascina San Michele Winery is a beautiful winery located in the Langhe Valley. Marco is yet another up-and-coming winemaker in Italy who has been making wine since 2010 in Costigliole. He opened the farm Cascina San Michele in 2015 after meeting his partners and the rest is history. A strictly organic approach is what they strive to achieve. This means they don’t use chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or other products that could damage the vines. It is definitely worth a visit!

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Cascina San Michele Winery, Langhe Valley, up and coming winemaker

Nestled within a picturesque estate, Cascina San Michele Winery offers an inviting ambiance, particularly in its lower-level tasting room, that enhances the enjoyment of some of Piemonte’s most exquisite wines. My visit here was a highlight of my trip, not just for the wines but also due to the winemaker, Marco. His infectious enthusiasm and entertaining nature made the experience not only enjoyable and fun but also profoundly insightful.

Langhe Valley, Cascina San Michele Winery
Cascina San Michele
Cascina San Michele Winery
Cascina San Michele
Cascina San Michele Winery

Cascina San Michele Winery has been featured in the Slow Wines Guide which is a testament to how well regarded these wines are throughout the industry.

Cascina San Michele

They have fantastically named wines such as Primevr (wines facing different slopes), Briccone (grapes that come from only one hill, Briccone), and Collarosa (Rose wine made with Piedmontese Bonarda). Their winery is perfectly nostalgic and exactly what you would think of when you think of Italy.

Cascina San Michele Winery, Langhe Valley

The wines were paired with lunch which was delightful. Each of these wines was an amazing expression of a unique grape and I enjoyed very much. Any Italian Winelovers must get to know these incredible wines and Winemaker Marco.

Marco Minnuci, up and coming winemaker, Cascina San Michele Winery

Marco Minucci has been practicing his winemaking career in Costigliole since 2010. After meeting his future partners, opened the farm Cascina San Michele in 2015. They now run these tastings together and it’s truly a fun time!

Marco Minnuci, up and coming winemaker

Marco and the One on The Hill team who hosted me on this amazing trip and visit. Cheers to Marco, your amazing wines and this incredible authentic visit together.

Langhe Valley, Piemonte Italy

Next time you’re in Piemonte, Italy, I would definitely recommend a stop to visit Marco Minnuci. And be sure to enjoy his delicious wines at Cascina San Michele Winery! Learn more on their website here.

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