Discover the Charms of Piemonte with One on The Hill Wine Club

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Italy’s famed Piemonte region, One on The Hill Wine Club is your personal gateway to exploring some of the most exceptional and hard-to-find Italian wines that Italy has to offer. As someone who has a passion for uncovering wine gems across the globe, I’m thrilled to share this discovery. This unique wine club that brings the rich flavors and stories of Piemonte right to your doorstep. Additionally, they were able to take me to a tour of some of their top wineries recently which you can read more about on the blog.

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Discover the Charms of Piemonte with One on The Hill Wine Club
One on The Hill Wine Club
Why One on The Hill is a Must-Join for Wine Lovers:

Exclusive Access to Piemonte’s Best: With a focus on Nebbiolo-based wines from celebrated areas like Barolo and Barbaresco. Especially, an intriguing selection of native grapes, One on The Hill offers a captivating glimpse into Piemonte’s wine heritage.

Curated by Experts: Living in the heart of the Langhe region, the club’s founders personally visit each winery. Moreover, they select wines that are not only authentic and delightful but also carry the cultural significance of Piemonte.

Sustainability Meets Tradition: Embracing sustainable and regenerative farming practices like native yeast fermentation, and minimal intervention are pinnacle. Above all, the wines chosen for One on The Hill members are a true reflection of Piemonte’s commitment to quality and tradition.

More Than Just Wine: Each shipment includes a digital booklet full of engaging stories about the wines. As well as, detailed insights into the winemaking process, and delectable traditional Piemontese food pairings, enriching your tasting experience.

From the hills of Roero to the historic vineyards of Barolo, One on The Hill Wine Club is your insider’s pass to the best wines Piemonte has to offer. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a curious novice, the club’s thoughtfully curated selections promise a journey through the tastes, tales, and terroirs of this iconic wine region.

Merenda Sinoira Winery, Piedmonte One on the Hill Wine Club for Italian Wines
Embrace the Piemonte Wine Experience with One on The Hill:

Joining One on The Hill Wine Club isn’t just about receiving exceptional wines. It’s about being part of a community that values the stories behind each bottle. They also spotlight the dedication of the winemakers, and the timeless beauty of Piemonte. Also, with options for 4, 6, or 12 bottles per shipment, you can tailor your subscription to your tastes and desires. This ensures each delivery is a new chapter in your wine exploration journey.

Wrap up your passion for Italian wines by joining One on The Hill Wine Club. Let’s toast to discovering Piemonte’s hidden gems together, savoring each sip as we explore Italy’s wine culture.

Finally, for those intrigued by Piemonte’s vineyards and eager to explore the depth of its wines, look no further. One on The Hill Wine Club is the perfect companion on your wine discovery journey. Join me in celebrating the artistry, heritage, and exquisite flavors of Piemonte. Moreover, great wine is not just about the taste; it’s about the story it tells and the people it brings together. Cheers to new adventures in wine!

Visit One on The Hill Wine Club to start your Piemonte wine journey today.

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