Dustin Valette of Valette Healdsburg’s Delicious Mac’n Cheese Recipe & Cooking Demo

Recently I had the pleasure of cooking with my friend, Dustin Valette of Valette Healdsburg. Chef Dustin shared two recipes for “Mac n’Cheese” using cheese & dairy from Clover Sonoma as well as some other locally sourced products.

Watch the fun cooking demo below and find the recipe below if you want to make this at home yourself!  It’s very quick, easy and fun and best of all it’s delicious!


Valette ‘Mac n’ Cheese’  Journeyman Bacon – Clover Cheddar – Cherry Tomatoes

 by Chef Dustin Valette, Valette Restaurant

Serving size: 4 people 

“This is one of our family’s favorite dishes we make at home!  Everyone loves Mac n’ Cheese, though with this recipe its super easy and can be done both for the kiddos and for the adults.  The recipe is simple, though elegant and can be modified as you see fit.”, Chef Dustin Valette

– 6 cups Fresh Pasta, Macaroni, Bucatini, etc.  dried pasta is fine too

-1 pint Clover Organic Cream

-12 ounces Clover Sharp Cheddar Cheese, grated

-8 ounces Journeyman Bacon (or local good bacon), Sliced and Rendered

-1 cup Cherry Tomatoes Roasted in the oven for 15 minutes

-5-10 grams Fresh Black Truffles, when in season

-Chile Threads or Ground Esplette Pepper

-Kosher Salt

-Fresh Pepper

Dustin Valette, Valette Healdsburg

The set up for our cooking demo!

Dustin Valette, Valette Healdsburg

Chef Dustin Valette all all smiles (as usual) as he begins the cooking demo!

-Start with Salted Boiling water and cook your pasta until Al Dente.  If you’re using fresh pasta about 3 minutes, if dried, about 10-12 minutes. 

-As the pasta is cooking, start reducing the cream in a medium size sauce pot; make sure the cream doesn’t overflow the pot.  Once the cream has reduced by half add the shredded cheddar cheese and stir together.

-Once the cheese has melted combine the pasta and toss with the cheese sauce.  Adjust with salt and fresh pepper to taste.  

-For the kiddos, this is where I serve them, though for the adults, I like to garnish with the roasted cherry tomatoes, crispy bacon and then shave truffles!

Enjoy and have fun with dinner!

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