My Favorite Designer Face Masks

While still in the midst of the pandemic’s interminable reign, I think it’s time we all updated our mask arsenal. In a recent blog post, I shared my favorite reusable face masks including pieces by Kitsch, Lilly Pulitzer, and many more. If you’d like to see the rest of my go-to masks, see that blog post here. However, while creating that list, I realized there is a whole other sector of face masks to be explored. That sector is the designer sector. No shame in treating yourself to a little more quality and style during a time like this! Continue reading below to see my favorite designer face masks.

Designer Face Masks


KES is selling these stunning sets of five face masks for $67. These gorgeous pieces are made of silk and are completely sustainable so you can buy with a clean conscience.

Rag & Bone

I absolutely love the function and simplicity of Rag & Bone’s face masks. Pictured above is one of their stealth mask packs retailing for $55. However, they have a range of masks with a variety of different silhouettes and materials to choose from on their site. You’ll definitely want to go explore those options in you’re interested.

Designer Face Masks

Helmut Lang

Helmut Lang is selling their effortlessly cool logo mask right now for $40. This design has the most striking and bold look out of my list of designer face masks.

Designer Face Masks

Ahida Correale

Ahida Correale is on my favorite designer face masks lists for their absolutely adorable denim embroidery masks! Not only are there many options with varying phrases on the front ($30), but you can also order CUSTOM MASKS. Yes, you read that correctly. You can order a chic mask with anything you want embroidered perfectly on the front for only $15 more than the original price!

Designer Face Masks
St. John

Okay, so maybe a pink sequin covered face mask wasn’t the first thing on your list of priorities at the emergence of the pandemic, but now that its been a few months, I think this piece is a necessity. St. John has many more creative designs being sold for $45 – $50 a piece on their site. I highly recommend you check them out!

Designer Face Masks
Tanya Taylor

Tanya Taylor‘s masks are some of my favorite designer face masks because of their bold designs. These pieces are sure to stand out when styled with your favorite outfit. Also, the straps are adjustable! These three-packs are selling on her site right now for $40.

Designer Face Masks
Christy Dawn

I adore Christy Dawn‘s masks for their look at what they stand for. Not only do they have chic designs, but they’re also sustainable and selling in sets of three for $30. No buyers remorse here, people!

Designer Face Masks

Madewell has a variety of face mask three-packs that are retailing for $24. They also have single masks available for purchase. I love how their patterns reflect their classic boho-chic style, so they’ll pair perfectly with some classic denim!

Designer Face Masks
Tory Burch

Tory Burch has always been one of my favorite designers, so I absolutely have to include her printed face mask set! This elegant set of five is selling for $35.

Designer Face Masks
Lovers + Friends

Lovers + Friends is selling a range of floral designs for $21 per mask. They also have a pack of 3 for $45.

Designer Face Masks
Farewell Frances

The last brand of my favorite designer face masks is Farewell Frances. Their cotton face masks are made of vintage quilt tops and backed with 100% new cotton twill. Their patterns are fun and boho, and they’re selling for only $15.

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