My Favorite Reusable Face Masks


With COVID-19 continuing into the fall, it’s becoming increasingly important to own a good collection of face masks. I find myself most at ease when I have both fashionable and functional pieces at the ready. As convenient as those disposable drugstore face masks may be, let’s face it, they don’t do your wardrobe or the environment any justice. For those reasons, I’ve compiled a list below of the brands selling my favorite reusable face masks. Take a look!

Favorite Reusable Face Masks

Getting a temperature check wearing my cheetah print Kitsch mask!

Favorite Reusable Face Masks

Lambert Bridge Winery

Me and my friend Katie of Lambert Bridge winery back when we met up coincidentally wearing the same Kitsch masks!


One of my favorite reusable face masks is sold by Kitsch. Their cotton masks come in different chic patterns and colors in these convenient sets of three, so you can add new pieces to your wardrobe three times as fast. Their sets of three also retail for only $12! Take a look for yourself at Kitch’s website here.  My friends and I love these masks as you can see from the photo above. If you’d like to read more about my visit to Lambert Bridge, go take a look at my Best Dry Creek Wineries blog post for the details!

Favorite Reusable Face Masks

Jonathan Simkhai

If you’re going for more of a minimalistic look, Jonathan Simkhai is selling these sleek sets of four face masks that are grouped by color tone for $48. Find these beauties on his website here.

Favorite Reusable Face Masks

Favorite Reusable Face Masks

Enjoying the sunshine with Ernie at Blue Farm Winery in my Lilly Pulitzer reusable face mask!

Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer is also selling some of my favorite reusable face masks for $58 on her site here. I love these because of their bright colors and adjustable straps. I paired one with a simple blue romper during my recent visit to Blue Farm Wines, which you can read all about in my COVID Wine Tasting blog post here. If you are interested in face masks with a higher price point like this one, be sure to keep an eye out for my upcoming blog post sharing a curated list of only my favorite designer face masks.

Favorite Reusable Face Masks


EleStory has a gorgeous collection of ethereal, bohemian patterned masks you can browse on their site here. Each one retails for $12 each. They also have children’s masks so those of you who have them can match with your little ones!

Favorite Reusable Face Masks

Lele Sadoughi

Another shop selling both adult and children’s masks is Lele Sadoughi. Not only do they have stunning prints but also a variety of fabrics to choose from. Their sets of three are selling for $40 and there’s another section on the site where you can purchase perfectly matching headbands!

Favorite Reusable Face Masks

Rustic Dime

Rustic Dime has some adorable and simple designs that I have been loving during this COVID time, and each one only costs $7. Be sure to browse through their many options on their website here if this mask looks more like your style.

Favorite Reusable Face Masks


Goodboy is selling the cutest bandana and face mask sets for $33 so that you can match with your pup when you’re out and about! Find them on their site here. 

Favorite Reusable Face Masks

Old Navy

Among my favorite reusable face masks, Old Navy has the widest selection of patterns to choose from by far. They also have the most affordable price point with sets of five and ten face masks that are selling for $12.50 and $25 respectively. Go check out their plethora of designs on their website here!

Favorite Reusable Face Masks

Free People

The last mask on my list of favorites is from Free People! They have taken advantage of this new accessory and created masks with matching hair pieces that are currently selling for $20. Shop these elegant and innovative pieces in their “Current Essentials” section of their shop here. 

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