Cabo San Lucas Mexico Esperanza Resort Residences

 What’s a girl to do for her 40th Birthday? That’s the question my friend asked herself as we began planning for her big 40th! After some thought she decided what’s more perfect than a trip to Mexico especially after being offered a stay at her friend’s fabulous villa at Auberge’s Esperanza Resort.

Upon arriving to the Auberge’s Esperanza Resort we were taken to our private villa.  As we were getting the tour around the four bedroom villa (yes you read that correctly four bedrooms for three girls, rough right?) fresh Guacamole, Chips and Salsa arrived with a fresh margarita. Check #2. For a girl who LOVES Guacamole and Chips & Salsa (you remember I did start a Mexican Dinner Club aka M.D.C.) this hotel could not be more perfect. That’s where I was wrong…. It could get more perfect. I quickly opened the fridge and realized this was the best stocked fridge I’d ever seen. Blowing away ANY mini bar in any luxury hotel I’d ever experienced (see picture below).

Aside from the fabulous Villa and it’s amenities the Resort and it’s team offered some of the best service I’ve ever experienced.   I would highly recommend La Esperanza to anyone looking for a beyond fabulous experience at a luxurious high-end resort with excellent service, spectacular grounds, delicious food and an overall spectacular experience. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 

DSC_0607The Villa Residence Pool (not accessible to Hotel guests)


DSC_0563The highlight of our arrival!!




DSC_0558Love how well stocked this fridge is!

DSC_0550The private residence terrace with Pool & Ocean views

Cabo San Lucas Esperanza Resort ResidencesViews from our Terrace

Cabo San Lucas Esperanza Resort Residences

DSC_0552The fabulous room I stayed in with Ocean Views


DSC_0541I love these great canisters. What a great way to incorporate local artisans in the Residence Decor.

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