Husk Restaurant Nashville’s Most Charming Restaurant From James Beard Winning Chef Sean Brock

Husk Restaurant Nashville’s Most Charming Restaurant From James Beard Winning Chef Sean Brock

The second restaurant on my recent Nashville culinary tour was Husk Restaurant Nashville. Jenney  (my local hostess) didn’t really tell me much about Husk except that this is Chef Sean Brock’s second restaurant, the first Tusk located in Charleston, South Carolina and that it was amazing having won a James Beard Award. Enough said, I was thrilled for dinner!

Husk Restaurant Nashville

Husk Restaurant Nashville

Upon arriving I realized the restaurant is in a charming brick house in what feels residential. The house is much bigger than it looks. We were taken downstairs to the bar where we snagged a fabulous corner table and felt like queens. We literally were at the end of the bar overlooking the long bar and it’s guests. We really had scored with this table, its fabulous views and the intimate setting of the bar area.

We started with cocktails.  Why not after a long day of working. I of course had to try their Gin Gimlet (my test of a high-end restaurant or bar). The moment I had my first sip I squealed alerting the waiter this was AMAZING. It will definitely be added to my list of top 5 Gimlets. The bar tender thought I was crazy but I explained I try a LOT of Gimlets and it’s hard to make them as fabulous as this one.  Jackpot!

Husk Restaurant Nashville

Husk Restaurant NashvilleWhat a cool sign it shows the various farmers and produce origins

Husk Restaurant Nashville

IMG_5503The dining room 


After our cocktails we started with the Carolina Rice Griddle Cakes with Husk Pimento Cheese and Oysters.  I had the Bear Creek Farm Beef for my Entrée. With dinner I enjoyed a delicious Red Wine, which couldn’t have paired more perfectly with the steak. I sometimes find it hard to know what pairs perfectly so I asked to try the two options our servers suggested based on what wines I explained I typically enjoy.  After tasting both, the perfect pairing tasted so obvious my decision had easily been made. Going forward, I am going to try to be more adventurous with my pairings and really look to find the wine that brings out the most flavors in both the food & the wine.  As for our entrees, everything was  spectacular! We were both in heaven with what we ordered.  We of course saved room for dessert trying the Toasted Marshmallow which was the perfect conclusion to a fabulous meal.

A HUGE thank you to the Husk Team. You were spectacular and so fun to chat with while learning about your amazing restaurant. I will be back next time I’m in Nashville or to your Charleston Carolina restaurant. Until we dine again……. 37 Rutledge Street. Nashville, TN. 37210. 615-256-6565.

Husk Restaurant Nashville

Husk Restaurant Nashville

IMG_5494The unbeleivable toasted marshmallow dessert. Beyond fabulous!

IMG_5499Our fabulous server displaying the delicious gin that made my perfect Gin Gimlet

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