Interview With Legendary Chef Tyler Florence at Williams Sonoma

You’re probably wondering how did I get the chance to meet Tyler Florence? Well, I was thinking the same thing when I got an email from Williams-Sonoma announcing that Tyler Florence would be visiting their Corte Madera store for a book signing of his newest cookbook Inside The Test Kitchen. I quickly bought a ticket and invited a few friends to join me. For those in California you know about the day in December that we got some of the hardest rain that’s hit in years.  Well, the night I met Chef Tyler Florence was the night before the rain storm and the trip was hard not to forget.   A trip that normally takes 15 minutes took one and a half hours. Talk about girls on a mission. He was well worth the trip, read more about fabulous Chef Tyler Florence below.

Over the years, I’ve met many chefs, and I have to say Chef Tyler Florence is one of the friendliest most approachable I’ve met. He spent about 5-7 minutes speaking to each guest.   Since Julie, Talitha and I were almost last in line (with 50 or so people ahead of us) we waited from 7pm till close to 8:15pm for our chance to get our books signed and meet Chef Tyler. I couldn’t have been more impressed with his charismatic, engaging, friendly personality. You’ll see what I mean on the video of me meeting/interviewing Chef Tyler Florence below and on my You Tube Channel.

A huge thank you to Williams-Sonoma for hosting this fabulous book signing and for Chef Tyler Florence for giving up your time to meet passionate fans such as myself and my friends.  I look forward to classes with you in the new Mill Valley Kitchen in the future! Williams Sonoma, Corte Madero Mall. Corte Madero, CA. 

Meeting The Legendary Chef Tyler Florence

IMG_8936Love the huge assortment of books in preparation for the book signing

IMG_8952Me and Chef Tyler Florence. Such a doll, we chatted a bit and then I got my book signed!


IMG_8947My friend Julie, also a JetSetting Fashionista Board of Advisors member who attended the signing with me and Talitha

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  • Stephanie
    January 30, 2015

    What a cool experience! I’m happy to hear that he was such a nice guy! A few years ago I also went to Williams-Sonoma because Bobby Flay was having a book signing. Though sadly it wasn’t quite the same experience. It was the exact opposite actually! They rushed us through in a hurry and he quickly signed everyone’s books before flashing half a smile. Tyler Florence sounds so much nicer!! Great interview to score 🙂

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