Las Vegas Nightlife Herbs & Rye Best Cocktail & Steak In Town

Las Vegas Nightlife

Herbs & Rye Best Cocktail & Steak In Town

During a recent visit to Las Vegas for the Food Blogging convention, Food Fight Write I was invited by a new friend and Las Vegas local Eric for cocktails and a Cognac Park Tasting at hot spot Herbs & Rye. Little did I know upon accepting the invite that I’d be visiting one of the coolest spots in town.  I loved Herbs & Rye, and upon telling another Las Vegas local, fellow blogger, The Happy Hour Wife she wondered how I had discovered such a cool local hot spot. Score! An awesome local’s hot spot with great company, delicious drinks and tasty food. I was a lucky girl!

Upon arriving writer Eric Gladstone (our local host), Sean of Hedonia, Amy of Cooking with Amy and I were greeted by Naomi the brand Ambassador for Cognac Park. She warmly welcomed us and introduced us to the owner Nectaly Mendoza, who was also bar tending. I soon discovered why Nactaly had opened a Bar & Restaurant. I had one of the best cocktails I’ve every experienced during this visit.  He made a Sidecar with the Cognac Park liquor. It was amazing! There was fabulous sugar on the edge of the glass torched so delicately that you tasted it, however it remained beautifully placed on the glass rim.  On top of the most perfect cocktail, the food was also delicious. We shared a few bites including Carpaccio, Clams and Beef Tartare. It was all divine.  During the visit, I met some other tourists who said this is their favorite spot in town for a steak as it’s half price when you order at the bar (quite a deal on a $40-$50 steak). Whether you need a hot spot for a fabulous cocktail, delicious food, or a cool off the beaten strip, I highly recommend checking out Herbs & Rye during your next Las Vegas visit. I promise you will love it! 3713 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89102. (702) 982-8036.

Herbs & Rye





IMG_7209Nectaly Mendoza, making our beyond amazing cocktails

IMG_7217Voila! The most delicious Sidecar made with Cognac Park



IMG_7228 IMG_7229

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